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Bob : Real and alternate explanations to short thriller movie

  • July 7, 2016
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Bob : Real and alternate explanations to short thriller movie

Bob , a psychiatric thriller , one of the kind by Aneel Neupane had remained under noticed till the Kriti controversy took both the movie and director to grand level. Bob is a simple but scarier story made with limited resources.



Story: This is a story of a man who is suffering from Schizophrenia who goes meet his Psychiatrist. He falls in love with a girl which doctor thinks is his Imaginary friend ( Hallucination ). He also continuously is fed with auditory hallucination through out the movie. Doctor advises him for a Out of label therapy. As per previous success experience, doctor suggests Bob to kill his imaginary girl. He does it.


Common Explanation:

  1. Bob killed real girl and was misled by his Doctor. It was case of doctors negligence but done unknowingly. Here the Doctor is real and also the 2 guys smoking on the street and also the girl whom he murders , are all real.

Alternate Explanations:

A. In this concept, the Doctor , the girl and the guys on the street are all setup by his diseased mind. All are unreal and imaginary story created by him. Nothing actually happened, he was too ill.

B. Another concept is, Doctor and two guys are fake , but the girl is real. His imaginary doctor here is the culprit and made him kill the girl.

C. The Guys utter at the end of movie that , Bob is coming out of clinic of Psycho Doctor. May be the doctor is himself suffering from some psychiatric disorder and leads Bob to kill the girl, knowingly and may be he had done similar thing to the child he mentions in the movie, before.

D. May be you have a better explanation.


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