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Locating a Great Pediatrician: What to Look For

  • January 14, 2016
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Locating a Great Pediatrician: What to Look For

A pediatrician is a doctor who is specially trained to provide superior health care in to children and infants. Finding a good one is important since this individual will help you bring up your child into adulthood by providing quality pediatric care services. Below are some tips that will help you find an expert in various fields such as pediatric otolaryngology who will be there for you when you need provision of good and attentive medical help.

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Best Pediatrician is the one whom your child loves and who is learned and experienced

The Best Time to Start Your Searchcartoon_happy_man_with_computer

It is best to begin the search while you are pregnant, this way you will have enough time to assess the doctor and not be in a rush into the first practice you see. Ask family and friends whose opinions you know you can trust and count upon to recommend a few pediatricians within your locality. You need to find someone who has a genuine concern for children as well as your well-being.

Contact Yst.21173902_stdour Health Insurance

Call your health insurance company and ask them to give you numbers of children’s doctors in your area who readily accept your plan. Even with low penetration and uptake, health insurance in India may cover hospitalization, daily cash benefits and critical illnesses, according to the Centre for Public Policy Research. Also, ask about the extent of your coverage so that you are prepared and know early enough what services you will need to pay out of pocket. Many insurance firms however have this information ready and free on their websites and local agents’ offices.

Cut Down Your List

Narrow down the list you have to at least three or four professionals who have fulfilled all or most of the requirements above. Call their offices, schedule office visits, and while on the call enquire whether the health practitioner will charge for the visit. Prepare a list of questions before going down to their offices, these are questions that you feel are important to you and your kid.


It is during this courtesy call that you can ask important questions like immunization of children. Note that some pediatricians are likely to turn you down if you do not want your children immunized. Learn as much as you can about the safe use of medication in children and the effects of popular treatment methods. You can also get critical and timely health tips from news websites like Dainik Bhaskar.

Learn the Procedures

Find out more about their billing and scheduling system from the staff as well as whether the doctor does house calls and even same day appointments. Confirm procedures for filing insurance claims and how they are handled and by whom. Ask about any professional affiliations may have with other hospitals as well as medical boards.


Find out if the doctor is available for calls and what time would be the most appropriate to call them if you have concerns of the kid’s health. It is important that if it is a small to medium sized practice that you meet some or all of the other doctors just in case you come in and your doctor is not on call. Take time off to do some research on the reputation of the doctors in dealing with pediatric issues.

It is important that the practice you choose is not far from your home and that you can get there quickly by use of your own vehicle or a cab. Child health care in India is taken seriously and therefore you should do the same with the decision you make and confirm that the doctor has never been charged with any medical malpractice as described in Legal Service India’s website. If in doubt about the choice you have made or medication suggested you could always get a second opinion.

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