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Choosing The Right Pharmacy

  • February 4, 2016
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Choosing The Right Pharmacy

Finding the right pharmacy for your needs can be a little overwhelming. Anymore there seems to be a pharmacy on every corner or inside every big box store. With so many options available, how do you find the pharmacy that is right for you?


First off, know your own needs. Do you have several medications that need regular filling? Do you require regular seasonal vaccinations? By knowing your medical needs you can find a pharmacy that caters directly to you. Additionally, to ensure quality of service, you should look for a pharmacy that offers the following staple services:

The Pharmacy Wants to Know about You

Don’t waste your time with a pharmacy that isn’t willing to ask you a few questions about yourself. Your pharmacist is providing you with medications, many of which could be lifesaving. Make sure that your pharmacist wants to know a little about you and is someone you feel comfortable with. Comfort is key if you wish to have a great working relationship. This way you won’t feel intimidated to ask about newly released meds or about the unexpected side effects you are experiencing.

There’s an Automated Prescription System

While many pharmacies will offer in-house prescription refills, many are also beginning to offer automated prescription refill services as well. Look for a pharmacy that is willing to provide automated prescription refills. These services are accurate, and can have your prescriptions sent right to your door. For individuals taking multiple medications, pharmacy automation systems prevent frequent trips to and from the pharmacy, making it easier to remain consistent with medications.

Preventative Care is Available

Most pharmacies will advertise their flu shots, but preventative care at your pharmacy shouldn’t stop there. Preventative care is a pillar of maintaining health, and a good pharmacy will offer a plethora of vaccines to keep you healthy. In addition to annual flu shots, your pharmacy should also offer vaccines for pneumonia, shingles, tetanus, chicken pox, polio, and pertussis.

The Pharmacy has Kickbacks

Medications can be expensive, and if you choose the wrong pharmacy you could end up overpaying by $50 to over $100 annually. Look for a pharmacy that offer discounts and cash back rewards. Also look to see if you can save by buying a 90 day prescription as opposed to a monthly prescription. Other pharmacies even offer low-cost generic prescriptions at $4 monthly or $10 for 3-months which often make it cheaper than going through insurance.

Individualized Services are Available

Do you find yourself struggling to remember if you took your medication? Are you allergic to certain dyes used in medication? If you answered ‘yes’ to either of these, look for a pharmacy that offers individualized services. With individualized services, pharmacies will offer medication in blister packs, instead of handing you several bottles at a time. This way your medications are group together in easy-to-use pouches making it easier to determine which medications you have already taken that day. They can even remove the dye from certain medications to alleviate allergies, and many pharmacies will also keep walkers, canes, and oxygen on hand should you need them.

Choosing a great pharmacy is an important decision, especially if you require regular medication and services. Don’t settle for the first pharmacy you walk in to. Shop around, ask questions, and don’t be afraid to walk away if the pharmacy isn’t providing the right services or atmosphere you need.

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