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Road Safety Top Priority For Ahmedabad Government

  • February 9, 2016
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Road Safety Top Priority For Ahmedabad Government

Road safety tops the list of Ahmedabad news, with residents asking the government to concentrate on educating young people on how to stay safe on busy roads. Divya Bhaskar has the latest word on how the government has a plan in place to keep everyone safe.

Ahmedabad is planning on adopting curricula that will give school and university students the opportunity to learn the fine points of road safety. With those plans in place, the government will not have to rely on parents or young people themselves to learn about road safety; it will take that burden out of the home by ensuring that it becomes part of every student’s education.

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Education Will Be Hands On, as Well as in Classrooms

The government was quick to point out that one cannot learn effective road safety just in the classroom. Students will be given hands-on experience, as well as extensive classroom education. Words alone are not enough; students will have to experience what it’s like to be on the roads to have the best experiences. No amount of verbal instruction will be able to prepare students for the actual experience of making quick decisions and keeping their awareness about them while on the road.

Experts Agree With Government Authorities

Experts are in agreement with government officials that students’ experiences must be practical. They must create a sense of fear and caution while highlighting the serious responsibilities of being a driver on Ahmedabad’s roads.

“The state government should select the right syllabus so that traffic discipline could be inculcated in them from a young age. In the corporate institutes where I have given training, there have been no accidents in the last five years. This is because of the training and making the students aware of the risk involved,” Samir Pathak told the local media. Mr. Pathak is a road safety expert who offers lessons to those who want to learn how to drive. It’s also important for soon to be parents to know which type of car seat for a 3 year old is adequate and what types of booster seats to use when the child grows. The regulations have been evolving and need constant education to be enforced properly.

Sunil Merchant, the former president of Western India Automobile Association, says that the government has to catch the students young and should have traffic parks in each zone of the city. “The schools should be given a time where they have to bring their children for practical training. In the lower classes, they should create awareness about zebra crossing and other issues and in higher classes, the students should be made aware of helmet and seat belt on a battery operated vehicle. This is required as most of the accidental death victims are between 18 and 25 years,” he said.

Government Promise Comes on the Heels of Road Safety Week

Ahmedabad celebrated its 27th annual Road Safety Week, which was during the week of Janaury 11. Shamsher Singh, the commissioner of the state’s transport department said, “We are observing Road Safety Week and we seek the help of all sections of the society in making roads safer for all.” Hopefully, the fruits of these labors pay off and cause a gradual increase in road safety for everyone

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