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List of Medical Colleges Of Nepal

  • December 26, 2009
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List of Medical Colleges Of Nepal

Medical Colleges in Nepal- 2015 updated article

Currently, about 20 Medical Colleges are operating in Nepal (both governmental and private colleges). Most of the colleges are affiliated to 2 main Universities of Nepal i.e. Kathmandu University (KU) and Tribhuvan University/IOM (TU). The minimum time period for completion of MBBS course in KU is 5 and 1/2 years and in TU is around 6 years including internship.

The international country code for Nepal is +977

nepal medical colleges

Tribhuvan University (T.U) affiliated

Name of CollegeLocationContactWebsite
Institute of Medicine (IOM)Maharajgunj,
Universal Medical College (UCMS)
National Medical College (NMC)
06252- 232895 (India)
Janaki Medical College (JMC) ***
Janakpur41 –
KIST Medical College (KISTMCTH)
Chitwan Medical College (CMC)
Gandaki Medical College (GMCTHRC)
Nepalese Army Institute of Health Sciences ( NAIHS)


+977 1-4881259
Fax: + 977-1-4881263

***- had financial problem and students are recommended to explore in details about current status before applying for this Medical college.


Kathmandu University (KU) Affiliated:

Name of CollegeLoacationContactWebsite
College Of Medical Sciences (CMS)
Nepalgunj Medical CollegeChisapani, Nepalgunj81-521572
81- 523182
Kathmandu Medical College (KMC)
Duwakot and Sinamangal, Ktm1-6616781
Nepal Medical College (NMC)
School of Medical Sciences (KUSMS)
Lumbini Medical College (LMC)Tansen,
Nobel Medical CollegeBiratnagar21-460735
Manipal Medical College of Medical Sciences (MCOMS)
080-64500466 (India)



B.P. Koirala Institute Of Health Sciences (BPKIHS)

  • Location: Ghopa, Dharan
  • Contact: 25-525555
  • Website:

Patan Academy of Health Sciences (PAHS)

  • Location: Patan
  • Contact: 1-5545112
  • Website:

National Academy of Medical Sciences (NAMS)

  • Location: Mahaboudha, Kathamndu
  • Contact: 1-4478784, 1-4452125
  • Website:
  • Post Graduate (PG) program only

For complete list of cost of admission, food, hostel in these colleges jump to:

In Pipeline- Pending approval

Manmohan Medical College

Peoples Medical College

Nepal Police Medical College

Kathmandu National Medical College

Birat Medical College

Devdaha Medical College

Ashwin Medical College

@ Updated 2015


  • Which medical college is best: manipal medical college or college of medical sciences???

    • Manipal as far as records speak.

      • Sir I have just passed SLC this year with Grade “A”. Now I want to pursue Health Assistant. Can you please enlist me the best colleges offering HA Course. And Is there any Scholarship Sceme like Entrance Exam or quota through which I can get scholarship? Please kindly Inform me all these things

  • kindly update me



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  • Please contact me sir please


  • which medical college of nepal has maximum no of indian student. specially girls

    • Manipal Medical College, Nepalgunj Medical College

  • Dear Sir,
    I’m about to pursue my MBBS studies here in Nepal and right now I have 2 medical colleges as options- Universal College of Medical Sciences and Nepal Medical College. I’m having a hard time selecting as some people say KU’s colleges are better while some say TU’s colleges make a better doctor. The patient flow in NMC is not that good but it is near my house so I can’t decide. My brain says go to UCMS but I want to stay here. Please help! After my Bachelors I’m willing to complete my PG abroad, either in US or Australia. What are my chances? Which college should I select?

    • MBBS is just the first step. See I will give your clear picture and you shall decide on your own, because it’s you who has to decide.
      1. KU is a shorter course because TU takes ~ 6 years with internship included.
      2. KU and TU have different kind of exams, KU has 7 subjects on 7 days type and TU has 3 subject 1 day.
      3. Both course will make you doctor but becoming a good doctor will depend on you.
      4. Patient flow and exposure might be better in UCMS.
      5. Faculty backup and numbers are more in NMCTH.
      6. Cost as per KU for NMCTH, UCMS as per TU rule.
      So decision is yours at last.

  • I want study of m.b.b.s. in nepal for my sun

  • I am from India, but i wants to take admission in Nepal in MBBS , please guide me, process through which i should go. which exam i should write?

  • Hello sir…
    I wanted to know that aftr completing mb s frm Nepal do we hve to give screening test in India???

    • Yes you do have to appear MCI licensing exam.

  • Sir I Am From India N Wants To took Admission .Which Collage Is Best for Me N What Is The Term Conditions for Admission..

    • Go for IOM or BPKIHS.
      Manipal is good enough as well.

  • I am from India i want know ur fee details

  • sir I want to achieve my career in BDS. will u guide me which will be bst university for me?

  • is there direct admission for indians and which medical colleges ?

  • Student can get addmission in full pay mbbs programme in nepal without appearing in any entrance exam?

    • Not possible. You need to clear entrance exam.

  • Is lmc good for bsc nursing??plz reply am so confuse

  • I want to know about UCMS college and national medical college which 1 is the best for paying and as well as patient flow which of them is good plz help me

    • UCMS, Bhairawa, in our opinion

  • Dear sir!!! I am so confuse in choosing college for MBBS.. I want to study in KUSMS Dhulikhel and my parents wants me to study either in Kist college or KMC college which are near to my home.. Which would be better option for me??? On basis of your record would you plz provide me the Rank of different medical college under TU and KU… Plz reply soon.. Plz help me

  • dear sir please reply me….what are the criterias to get admsn in best medical college like iom ,manipal,kusms… for nepalese students

  • Can u tell me name of colz for optometry!

    • Optometry Colleges in Nepal
      Institute of Medicine

      Maharajgunj, Kathmandu
      Phone No: 4410911 (Dean)
      Exam .Section: 4413729
      Campus Chief: 4414792,HLMC: 4412202
      Healthnet: 4429722, Med. Edu. Unit: 4430376

      Total Seat-6
      Scholarship Seat -6

      Likely other hospitals are Mechi Eye Hospital, Til Ganga Hospital

  • Hello sir! Could you please provide the updated admission fee for 2016 !! I check the site almost everyday in hope for it. Also which college would you recommend choosing, CMC or KMC/NMC? I also noticed in the earlier comments that you said TU affiliated colleges have longer course duration than KU but isn’t it 5 and a half for both?? I’m confused. Please do reply 🙂

    • Hello,
      I am glad to hear from you.
      I think KMC better than CMC than NMC.
      Choose KU over TU. TU is government course and is disorganised.
      List is more or less same for 2016, not much change. Still we will update it asap.

  • Which one is better kathmandu medical college or nepal medical college n why?

    • KMCTH, in most aspects.

      • Would you please provide me specific reasons

        • The Location, patient flow, students choice, and many more favors KMC.

  • Which is a best course which i could study now which is related to medical..?

    • You Mean for Bachelor or Masters?

  • Is study in TU better or KU for future?

    • KU has better course, good timing and marks.
      TU is old course, always late and is government affiliated.
      Only IOM in Kathmandu under TU is good choice.

  • How is Chitwan medical college?

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