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Make your patients comfortable during their stay

  • February 1, 2013
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Make your patients comfortable during their stay

A visit to a doctor’s office, clinic or a hospital can be quite stressful for a patient. After all, most people visit such places because they believe that something is wrong with them. Making your patients feel comfortable requires more than a great bedside manner. You need to ensure that your facility offers your patients a level of comfort as well. This can be achieved through a number of different ways. And if you want to find out what patient experience is, and how you can improve it, you may visit sites like https://www.qualtrics.com/blog/patient-experience/ to find out more.

Competent Staff

From the moment that your patients enter your facility, whether it’s a doctors office or a hospital, they should be made comfortable by the staff. This means being greeted warmly and with a smile. What’s more, the staff should be able to access your patients files quickly, something that can be achieved with the help of medical practice management software or patient management software.


Clean Comfortable Waiting Room

The next step to keeping your patients comfortable is to ensure that they have a comfortable place to sit. Not only should the chairs in your office be comfortable, but your office should be clean and well kept as well. If time isn’t a luxury for you, a medical office cleaning team like Modern Maids Cleaning have you covered.

You should offer an area for books and a couple of TVs. Make sure, however, to keep the volume down so that no one feels like there in a bar or a restaurant.

Knowledgeable and Kind Nursing Staff

Your nurses usually see your patients before you do. No patients wants to be treated by a gruff or callous nurse, especially if the patient is feeling hurt or scared. Make sure that you hire experienced nurses that can be sympathetic to your patients and offer them comfort while still doing their job.

Modern Patient Rooms

The rooms where you see your patients should be modern and comfortable. You should offer your patients a place to sit as well as a patient table. They shouldn’t be forced to sit on the table while waiting for their examination.

You should also ensure that you have rooms specifically designed for children, if your facility accepts children as patients. Small chairs, toys, and bright colors appeal to most children and can help alleviate their apprehension of seeing a doctor.

Up to Date Tools

Most patients feel comfortable when they know that their physician understands the most modern techniques for the care that they provide. As such, you should ensure that your equipment is the best that is available. Places like Source Medical Equipment makes it easy for medical facilities to have the equipment that they need at an affordable rate.

Offer Billing Options

One area where many medical facilities fail is providing affordable payment options for their patients. In some cases, there are payment options but they aren’t realistic. Many facilities require their patients to apply for a credit card, for which many people cannot qualify. While it’s not possible to accommodate everyone, being flexible with payments can actually bring in more patients and create loyalty as well.

If you want your patients to refer your facility or your services, then you need to provide them with a level of care that they can’t get anywhere else. Being a good doctor isn’t going to be enough. Having a great staff and comfortable surroundings is an excellent way to maintain and grow your practice.

Guest article by Jenna Smith

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