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How to establish your own clinic in Nepal?

  • July 31, 2017
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How to establish your own clinic in Nepal?

1. Find a place/flat for rent. At least 5 rooms. Do an agreement/contract paper with the landlord for minimum 5 to 10 years.

2. Take 4 people with you in Woda Karyalaya. Those people must sign that they have got no problem in establishing your business. This is called “Sarjamin Muchulka”.

3. Collect all photocopied documents of a doctor(yours), one CMA or HA, one Staff Nurse, one Lab Technician (Diploma), one pharmacist (Diploma). Make niyukti patra to all those staffs. Don’t forget nagariktako photocopy of house owner, rented house ko ghar sampanna certificate, kar tireko bill.

4. Go to Nagarpalika ko karyalaya. Produce all those documents and pay money (charge) to register a business with name. Eg. Kathmandu Health Clinic. Nagarpalika will give you a certificate. Also, it will write a letter to ‘Gharelu’. Some Nagarpalika may ask you to publish some days notice in patrika.

4. Head to business proposal development firms which you can find in many places. They have a ready made proposal, all they do is change the name and print it and give to you. Don’t cross more than 20 lakhs in budget in proposal. Otherwise Gharelu office will charge you more.

6. Go to Janaswasthya, submit all documents and ask them to make a letter to “Gharelu”.

5. Go to Gharelu, produce all documents along with the letter made by Janaswathya and Nagarpalika. Business ko proposal anusar you have to pay the business establishment charge. Gharelu will give you a certificate and give you 3 letters. One to Rajaswo, one to Janaswasthya and last one to yourself.

6. Go to Rajaswo and register yourself. You will get a certificate.

7. Go to Nagarpalika again and get a Fohor Maila ko Samjhauta ko document.

8. Now go to Janaswasthya and submit all the files. Also list of equipments in clinic and niyuktipatra of your staffs.

9. Fill online form of DDA with pharmacist and owner’s info. (Business firms will do it). Print this and go to DDA in Kathmandu with your pharmacist and register a pharmacy with different name- Eg- Airport Pharmacy. DDA will give you a certificate and a letter to Rajaswo. You will be the owner and Pharmacist will be working for you. Sanchalak and Bebasahi are two different terms. It will be written in DDA certificate.

10. Go to Rajaswo and annex pharmacy into the Rajaswo ko certificate ma.

11. Wait for Janaswasthya ko visit. Once they finish their visit and approve your clinic, pay money in Rashtrabank. Eg- OPD ko 10,000. Lab ko 10,000. ECG service 10,000. Harek dine service ko 10,000 pay garnu parxa for establishing the clinic.

12. DDA visit will follow and Janaswathya will frequently visit. 4 monthly taxation report to Rajaswo, one montly patient case report to Janaswasthya, yearly Nagarpalika renewal, yearly Janaswasthya renewal, 5 yearly Gharelu renewal and yearly DDA renewal.

(Helpful Article taken from a post in Facebook)

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  • Im a health assistant passed out students before 3 years now i want to start medical with lab. And want to start a business. Is it possible for health assistant in nepal or not.
    Can you clearify me please what documents needs to open clinic

    • Hey bro,im starting clinic soon if you’ve experience in own related field like checkup,counselling patient and give right medicine to patient.I’m searching health assistant.If you can think you can do it with full me :[email protected]

  • I want to open laboratory clinic in nepal so is it possible ? By paying charge of laboratory and opd charge to nepal government ? Plz give me positive

  • I am h a I want my own clinic what is the process

  • can you suggest me about budget required if opd USG Lab and ECG service

  • Hiw tob open pharmacy as wholesailers in nepal

    • Can CMA experienced student open their own medical shop

  • At first thanks to God. Nice to meet you dear respected sir. I am very glad to read this processing.
    And at last I want to say something plz respected sir I Wants To opening soon plz help sir……

    Your truthful.
    Mr. MD. Mokim Rain

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