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Some Useful Mnemonics I

(Use them Only as Resource) PANCYTOPENIA: “All Of My Blood Has Taken Some Poison”: Aplastic anaemias Overwhelming sepsis Megaloblastic anaemias Bone marrow infiltration Hypersplenism TB SLE Paroxysmal nocturnal haemoglobinuria Rashes: time of appearance after fever onset “Really Sick Children Must Take No Exercise”: Number ...Read More

MBBS final year Questions: CMS 2009

MBBS Exam questions: MEDICINE AND ALLIED SUBJECTS PAPER: I SECTION: A (a) Discuss diastolic murmurs in mitral area. (b) Diagnosis of aortic regurgitation. (c) Diagnosis of ST segment elevation MI (d) Streptokinase therapy. (a) Treatment of pulmonary tuberculosis in HIV negative and HIV positive ...Read More