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MBBS Examination preparation Tips: Just before exam

  • January 11, 2011
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MBBS Examination preparation Tips: Just before exam

MBBS Exam Tips : Just Before Exam
We have already described about the day to day study schedule one can plan to easily get through the MBBS exam. Now here are few tips to follow just before the Examination.

What is the hindrance to success?
1. Non preparedness.: It is impossible to get through an MBBS exam if you are reading for the exam just a day before it, unless you are too lucky or Super-genius. A day to day reading and preparation is the motto. Searching for pen, scale, etc at last moment.
2. Improper study and revision plan: Inability of the student to divide time for different subjects and different chapters within subject during final preparation is another issue.
3. Panicky- really a serious issue: You know but you can’t recall because you are anxious. Your mind is not working just the heart is pumping because of anxiety.
4. Unnecessary stress by trying to overdo things- Trying to remember something in too much detail may cause unnecessary stress. Comparing yourself to others and feeling guilty is another mistake. Fear of result is unnecessary .
5. Over Confidence- confidence is good but over confidence may land you up in disaster specially in viva and practical exams.
6. Neglecting the past questions


Exam tips
MBBS Exam a Time of Burden

Night before the exam:

1. Consult and discuss the preparation with your friends. You may be missing something important.
2. Make sure you complete your chapters by night. Keep the morning for revision.
3. Make sure you have not forgotten to ready your tools like pen, scale, clip board, rubber, Admit card etc.
4. Take frequent short rest. Close eyes but not your mind. Recall the topics you’ve read. Such rest time can be of 10 minutes. It’ll rest your eyes and improve your concentration.
5. Sleep adequate so that you won’t have a hangover in the morning. But don’t over sleep which will cause you to panic next day.

Morning of the Exam:

6. Wake up, take a cup of coffee with light breakfast. Include an apple which will freshen you up.
7. Plan atleast 4-6 hours for final reading in the morning ie flash revision. During this go through the most important chapters, go through the headings and subheadings and points( Skip the texts as you have read it before). Take time to recall the formula, Mnemonics and points.
8. Last moment reading is Worthless does not apply for MBBS exam. Go through the most probable topics again if time is available even before you enter the exam hall.You may see the question from the last moment chapter and then you will see how your hand runs smoothly on the answer paper.

In the Examination Hall-

1. Reach atleast 10 minutes before the start time.
2. Fill Your details in Answer paper clearly and stay calm. Do anything that will give you extra impression and marks like drawing margins etc.
3. Stay calm and read the questions from 1 to last once and decide which section you are to start with. Make sure that 1st question you answer is the one you know well as it’ll boost your confidence for rest of the paper.
4. Divide the time for each question. Make sure you don’t miss question. Remember answering 3 questions and getting 3 marks each is not better than answering 4 in short and getting 2.5 each. Cut short if time is less but answer all.
5. Answer as neatly as possible and leave adequate spacing between words. It’ll make paper look cleaner and answer look lengthier.
6. Do not try to fool the examiner by repeating the same sentence again and again trying to elongate the answer. Describe well but get to the point at right time. Don’t just hit around the bush until examiner is frustrated with your answer.
7. Keep sometime to recheck your paper.

After the exam-

Sleep atleast 1-2 hours before starting preparation for next subject. It works like resetting your PC and created memory for next subject. It will also give you ability to wake late.
After the Examination is complete-
Forget about the exam. Don’t take too much stress for result. But learn from you experience and improve them in coming exam.

All though, you may read hundreds of tips online, its you who should decide which are good for you and which aren’t. So don’t ignore your own idea.

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  • Sir, I couldn’t attend my first year MBBS classes and sems due to jaundice.If I am given a chance to sit in supplementary exam 3 months from now, so what should be my study plan to pass 1 year prof exam ?

  • Sir I have less than 20 days for my first MBBS university exam and I still feel unprepared please give me some guidelines and plan your ideas will be of great help sir


  • Hi sir i hv 2 mnthx and few dayx lft fo my 3rd prof
    And i hv following probs
    I take toO much stress
    I got positn in clg dur prof1 and dstinctn in 2nd one
    Bt i lost my positn despite my untiring efortx
    Tl me smthn how to boost up myself
    And hw to get rid ov thx stres
    i got shivrng attckx on day ov exams?????
    Can u plz gve me any study plans? Or anythng tht can help me out?

  • Hello sir! Im a first year student of mbbs and i hv 30 days left with summer vacations.. I hv only 2 months after these vacations for my proff.. I dnt knw hiw to plan these 30 days with my study so that i could prepare better for proff without any burden at the end.. Could you plz help me to sort it out and help me to make a proper shedule of studying.. I shal be very thenkful

  • Hi sir ,
    i am a 1st year mbbs student . i have my xams in 60 days . i have not even covered my portions once . I have anatomy , physiology and biochemistry for the xams . I want to have a clear idea over concepts to write the xam . But i am pretty sure i havent done anything . PLZZZZZ Do suggest some ideas sir , whether studying previous 5 year qtion cud help me pass the Univ xam . WORRIED SIR !!!!!

  • Hi sir…I hav 22 more days for my final mbbs paper..I haven’t evn finished my portions even once..I don’t know if I could do this and I don’t know how to divide the time ..plus help me

  • Hey there..you are my last hope i guess. I am a final year mbbs student, TU. I flunked all my papers on the regular exam. All 4 of them. Med surg pedia and gynae. Not because I am dumb but because I gave up too soon. I thought i wud drop a year anyway. In the supplee exam too I went through the same routine. I gave up too soon and thought I will study for a year and give exams with juniors. I was a topper back in the basic science days. Now that 10 days are left for exams, I havent studied anything. But I passed all my practicals in my first attempt, so I think I do have some knowledge. So now what do I do? Just give up? Or can I still do something good with my 10 days?Well reply early so that it will be useful. Please. And i dont want to choose between subjects and study. I want to pass. And i am panicking. I know its late, but is it too late? Help!!

    • Hello Pravesh, we have a collection of important topics for pediatrics and gyne/obs – hope they might be helpful for you:


      Allocate 2 days each for pediatrics and gyne/obs – 1 day to go through the important topics and other day to revise the same. You now have 6 days. Go through the surgery first and try to complete that in 3 days. Surgery-I is more predictable and many questions are likely to appear from the past questions. For surgery II study anesthesiology properly – that will help you score. Also, consult IOM students – they somehow know questions that are likely to come in exam. Prepare for medicine in the last 3 days. Similarly, Medicine-I is more predictable and it’s better to go through the past questions. For medicine II, dermatology will help you score. Go through important topics in psychiatry like depression, schizophrenia, mania, etc.

  • Sir i am a bsc graduate 23 year old
    i am much more inrested in medical science
    i dnt get medical in that period due to my bad health
    is doing mbbs right decision for me
    plz sir suggest me
    i was worried about my carrir

    • Starting MBBS at 23, if someone is ready to bear your cost, its ok else, being a doctor is a long way to go. MBBS 6 yr + work+ MD 3 years +/- DM/MCH 3 yrs. Think about it, medicine is not the only thing world has.

  • sir i am a hardworking student and i prepared so well , i don’t know how i got detained in 2nd year mbbs in anatomy. i am so much depressed , don’t know what to do, seems like life is stuck somewhere. now my paper is in October, plz guide me that how many months before i should start preparing for anatomy ?

    • Ammara,
      Don’t lose hope.
      For Anatomy, you need to study on daily basis with copies and pencils out. Write and draw diagrams, simplify things. After good preparation , you will need 4-5 days full for revision before exam.
      These tips might help you.

  • I am a 1st yearvmbbs student in kerala university.I got 5 months for.my exams. I am a slow reader.Hw to pass the 3 subjects 1st attempt itself.Whats the study plan.Pls give me an advice…

  • I failed in theory paper 3 … Please help me to prepare for reexam

  • I am from south india ,i have come to middle india and i want to go to north india but i havent studied anything at all .. i havent attended the class and love an nri … i also am an n r i . Tomorrow is my anatomy exam .. please help me otherwise i will have to eat idli dosa again .. but i love chola bathura and aachar .. please give me tips as fast as you can and colour pencil also. I have moustach and i dont want to cut it as i have family problem and my father name is rajnikanthababu#yolo✌give me tips for exam as fast as u canummid hai tumse

    • Are you kidding me

  • sir,I’m a 2nd year MBBS student…..wrote my MBBS part one exams about a week ago but failed anatomy….I don’t even know how to study for the resit exams coming up very soon….I want to be a good Doctor and im scared of failing again….please I need your advice sir

    • Just go through the last years question papers of your uni and get your seniors to mark important in your book, just mug up those topics and give your exams and if you have time you can go through your BD Chaurasia at your own pace and try to understand it all rather than just mugging it up.

  • Hello, sir, i’m dolmi. I m gonna write 3rd mbbs in 15 days . Please give me schedule to prepare for it

  • Ihi sir 12 days left for my 4th year mbbs xm tell me how to prepare in 12 days

  • iam going to write my 2nd year exams in feb 2016..2 months only left…how can i prepare??????

  • hlo sir I am going to study MBBS in Bangladesh .I am not talent student .I got just pass mark in +2 .and I take not interest in biology but now any how I wana pass MBBS .so please give me tips I can pass or not and how can I passed

  • Hi sir.. I’m pursuing my final part 2 mbbs and going to appear my finals in coming Jan.. And I’m really worried how to complete my syllabus of four subjects in this two months so that I can expect better results.. Please help me..

  • Hello sir…
    My name is Tanveer.I am first Mbbs student.Though my exam will in July 2016,I have to read regularly.So Sir please give me schedule or idea for scoring in exam.my subjects are:


  • sir iam preparing for MBBS or BDS.how i can passed it?give me some important tip plz sir.

    • We Will Write a series soon on MBBS entrance preparation.

  • Sir,
    I m in mbbs final prof and there are almost 3 months to my final examz. I really need some tips for preperation on theory as well as practical examination. That wud b really helpful.

  • Sir my name is maha and i was debarred two times in my 2nd year and 3rd year…i studied really hard by unfortunately i got detained both of the times…now i will give my paper after detaining in upcoming november…can you tell me how to study effectively ?? I ve got so unconfident and like i cant do anythng…i was a bright student

    • Hello Maha,
      Dont get disheartened, MBBS failures are common and should not be made a cause of set back. Try to pass out as a good doctor rather than a good student.

  • Hello,
    I’m a second MMBS student in 4th sem. My exams start in 3 days and I feel like I haven’t prepared well. I’m reading very slowly and I get tired pretty quickly. I don’t know how to solve this.
    I want to do well in my finals which are at the end of 5th sem with my prelims starting in the mid of November. Could you help me out with a schedule for this?
    PS: my subjects are pharmac, Patho, micro, and fm

  • Hello sir, I’ve 2 months left for my first year exam. Please help me to make my study plan for this remaining time.and how to prepare according to systems. I want to clear out at my first time with better results.

    • Hello Ruchika,
      Sorry for the delayed response. But if this could still help we would be happy.
      If you have 45 days left, find out if you are a slow reader who doesn’t need revision many times or fast reader who revises frequently.
      Depending on your study speed, you will have to divide days as per subject.
      If you are average speed reader ie with speed of 2-4 pages/ hour new chapter and 4-6 pages per hour of read chapter ( No reference, admins own approximation)
      In KU
      You would have 6 subjects in 1st year-
      Divide days as –
      5 X 6 = 30 days and 11 days for quick revision and last 4 days for 1st subject.
      Eg If you have Anatomy, Physio, Biochem, Pharma, Microbio, Patho sequentially
      Keep 4 days for each subject and 1 day added in case you cannot catch up. You can even modify this time as per your need in each subject.
      Start with any subject, try to keep anatomy in middle or at last During 1st reading.
      Try to use notes and previously read books ( use new books only for few references)
      Make a list of important topics in each subject and tick each as you read.( Don’t try to read everything at this moment)
      Seek some seniors help to highlight topics in the book, so you will not miss important topics.
      Discuss with friends once in a day while at evening tea or dinner, to know what hey have covered and to keep in track of things.

      On 2nd reading,
      Read from 2nd subject to last 5X2= 10 days and you got last 5 days to prepare for Anatomy ie 1st subject.
      Performing good in 1st subject is a boost of morale for rest.

      So Decide wisely, this is only our idea, the final style of reading and plan will be decided by you yourself.
      If any help, you can mail us back.


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