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MBBS Examination preparation Tips: Just before exam

  • January 11, 2011
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MBBS Examination preparation Tips: Just before exam

MBBS Exam Tips : Just Before Exam
We have already described about the day to day study schedule one can plan to easily get through the MBBS exam. Now here are few tips to follow just before the Examination.

What is the hindrance to success?
1. Non preparedness.: It is impossible to get through an MBBS exam if you are reading for the exam just a day before it, unless you are too lucky or Super-genius. A day to day reading and preparation is the motto. Searching for pen, scale, etc at last moment.
2. Improper study and revision plan: Inability of the student to divide time for different subjects and different chapters within subject during final preparation is another issue.
3. Panicky- really a serious issue: You know but you can’t recall because you are anxious. Your mind is not working just the heart is pumping because of anxiety.
4. Unnecessary stress by trying to overdo things- Trying to remember something in too much detail may cause unnecessary stress. Comparing yourself to others and feeling guilty is another mistake. Fear of result is unnecessary .
5. Over Confidence- confidence is good but over confidence may land you up in disaster specially in viva and practical exams.
6. Neglecting the past questions


Exam tips
MBBS Exam a Time of Burden

Night before the exam:

1. Consult and discuss the preparation with your friends. You may be missing something important.
2. Make sure you complete your chapters by night. Keep the morning for revision.
3. Make sure you have not forgotten to ready your tools like pen, scale, clip board, rubber, Admit card etc.
4. Take frequent short rest. Close eyes but not your mind. Recall the topics you’ve read. Such rest time can be of 10 minutes. It’ll rest your eyes and improve your concentration.
5. Sleep adequate so that you won’t have a hangover in the morning. But don’t over sleep which will cause you to panic next day.

Morning of the Exam:

6. Wake up, take a cup of coffee with light breakfast. Include an apple which will freshen you up.
7. Plan atleast 4-6 hours for final reading in the morning ie flash revision. During this go through the most important chapters, go through the headings and subheadings and points( Skip the texts as you have read it before). Take time to recall the formula, Mnemonics and points.
8. Last moment reading is Worthless does not apply for MBBS exam. Go through the most probable topics again if time is available even before you enter the exam hall.You may see the question from the last moment chapter and then you will see how your hand runs smoothly on the answer paper.

In the Examination Hall-

1. Reach atleast 10 minutes before the start time.
2. Fill Your details in Answer paper clearly and stay calm. Do anything that will give you extra impression and marks like drawing margins etc.
3. Stay calm and read the questions from 1 to last once and decide which section you are to start with. Make sure that 1st question you answer is the one you know well as it’ll boost your confidence for rest of the paper.
4. Divide the time for each question. Make sure you don’t miss question. Remember answering 3 questions and getting 3 marks each is not better than answering 4 in short and getting 2.5 each. Cut short if time is less but answer all.
5. Answer as neatly as possible and leave adequate spacing between words. It’ll make paper look cleaner and answer look lengthier.
6. Do not try to fool the examiner by repeating the same sentence again and again trying to elongate the answer. Describe well but get to the point at right time. Don’t just hit around the bush until examiner is frustrated with your answer.
7. Keep sometime to recheck your paper.

After the exam-

Sleep atleast 1-2 hours before starting preparation for next subject. It works like resetting your PC and created memory for next subject. It will also give you ability to wake late.
After the Examination is complete-
Forget about the exam. Don’t take too much stress for result. But learn from you experience and improve them in coming exam.

All though, you may read hundreds of tips online, its you who should decide which are good for you and which aren’t. So don’t ignore your own idea.

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  • Sir I am writing the first mbbs exam for the seventh time I have not yet got a single subject cleared I have only40 days left for exams what can I do? I want to pass

    • Hello Pooja,
      You have 40 days – solve the past questions firstly, besides that study related topics (that of past questions) and anything you think is important. It is not possible to remember everything studied in such a limited time.
      Make atleast a week time for revision.

  • sir i’m currently in 2nd year going to give 2nd professional exams in november .please help me in knowing the important topics for following subjects
    please send me the important topics as soon as possible.
    and i also have to give my end semesters exams in next month so please help me the important topics from chapters-
    pathology-blood vessels,heart,heamatology,lungs,git,hepatobiliary system,kidneys

    please help me as soon as possible .
    thanking you

    • Important in parasitology: Entamoeba Histolytica, Leishmania, Giardia, Trichomonas, Plasmodium, Taenia saginata snd solium, Echinococcus granulosus, Trichuris trichiura, Wuchereria bancrofti, Ascaris Lumbricodes, Enterobius vermicularis, Ancyclostoma duodenale

      Important in bacteriology: Almost all except some topics ucommon in our context like ricketssiae

      Important in pathology:
      a. Vascular: Classification of vasculitis, Temporal arteritis, Thrombangitis obliterans, Kawasaki disease, Atherosclerosis, Hypertension, Aneurysms, Virchow’s triad

      b. Cardiac: Ischemic heart disease – esp. sequence of changes in MI, Congestive heart failure, Rheumatic heart disease, Classification of congenital heart disease, Tetralogy of fallot, General concept of cardiomyopathies

      c. Hematology: Different types of anemia, Classification of bleeding disorders, CML, Lymphoma

      d. Pulmonary: Pneumonia, Tuberculosis, COPD, Occupational lung disease, Mesothelioma

      e. GI: Barrett esophagus and esophageal carcinoma, Gastric carcinoma, Peptic ulcer disease, Inflammatory bowel disease, Appendicitis, Meckel diverticulum, Intestinal neoplasms, Adenoma-carcinoma sequence

      f. Hepatobiliary: Pancreatitis, Cholelithiasis (pathogenesis important) and Cholecystitis, Hepatitis, Cirrhosis, Alcoholic Liver disease

      g. Renal: Pathogenesis and classification of glomerulonephritis, PSGN, MCD, RPGN, Urolithiasis, RCC, Wilms tumor, BPH

      Important topics in Pharmacology: Hard to tell – remember the classification, mechanisms and adverse effects of drugs in general and add special features for each drug

      This is just a rough guideline.

  • Sir I am left with 27 days for my MBBS 1st yr exam.but I am getting so worried and tensed that what if I don’t study in these days and don’t do well in my exams.sir please help me to relieve my tension and please give me a study plan so that I will do my best in exams.

    • Hi Snehal, you’ve got 27 days with you – and there’s no way you can think that you aren’t or won’t be able to study during this crucial period. If you are preoccupied with anything, just put that aside for few months.

      Since there are 6-7 subjects in the 1st year, you have a tendency to forget what was read. So, What I practiced during the preparation of basic science exam was: Begin studying a subject and as you complete 70% of it – start another subject and take the two simultaneously. And remember to revise the subjects you completed while you are still struggling with the incomplete subjects.

      Manage 4-5 days for revision at the end.

  • Sir,
    How much should I write for a 10mark, 5 mark, and 3 mark..

    • Hello Robin, bulk of words doesn’t matter to much in medicine and it is often found that the same question can be asked for 5 marks and 10 marks both. Whenever asked to “list” just list down and explain only when asked. If asked for 10 marks, a figure is expected if possible.

  • Sir my final exams are from 25th june. M a first year student at kmc manipal.. I am having real difficulty tackling anatomy as my concepts are not clear and I was not regular.. So there’s no way it can be undone now! I just want to pass in anatomy without any problem whatsoever.. What are the things to do? And also does studying with a partner help? My parents both are doctors,they also told me to do the same! Kindly reply soon

  • Sir i am hindi medium student i am very in trested in mbbs
    Sir what i have pass mbbs semesters …what is your thing for
    Me tha passing of mbbs semester sir my english is critiralcel ..
    ..please sir give me moral

  • I m mbbs student of 1 st yr n i m too poor in english language writing n speaking..these are really hampering during my course what shall i do sir to improve??

    • English is language of communication and medium of study in MBBS. Just be determined and keep you effort. Listen to english songs, watch english movies when free, read lot of english texts, Converse in english with your friends.
      I have seen one of my friend become a Good writer out of poor grammar , in a year. It all takes is effort. It will be difficult initially, but find a friend who can sincerely help you out. Active learning is the best method for learning communication.
      I know you will not be able to attend any course classes, so do with all you have in your inventory of time.

  • I am writing my first mbbs exam since 2012 not yet cleared any i am confused stressed and sad.i don’t know what to do.i just have 20 days left for next exam.please advice what to do?

    • I think you should reconsider your study style and add guidebooks and past questions to your study material. Please mail us via contact so that we can try to address your issue. Hope we can provide you useful advice.

  • Sir I ve failed in pharmacology and pathology.it was so unexpected.now I ve 44 days for preparation for suppli exam.plz help me how should I study.i really want to pass this time.thanks

  • Dear sir

    I am currently in 2nd year mbbs. I have 3weeks until my 3rd sessional exams for micro and pharmac.

    I would like to kindly request if you could please email me a list of important questions for the following chapters. my access to past papers is limited as I am studying in Mauritius in a university that is only 4years old. my email address is praneetkumarragoo@gmail.com

    autonomic nervous system
    central nervous system
    peripheral nervous system
    cardiovascular system
    endocrine system


    It’ll be thoroughly appreciated and if its not too much trouble could u please categorize the questions into 10marks(essays) and five marks (short notes)

    thank you

  • Sir my final MBBS exam on 30th of January…..20 days left I am stressed a bit now…..Sir give a plan to study……Tnx in adv

    • Final MBBS exam or basic science, you can follow the same general tips for all kind of exams, if you want it for Final MBBS exam, we will write some tips in new article.

  • Sir,I m fail in anatomy by 6 marks n in physiology by 8 marks… n i hv 1 month left for my supply exam.. n m very depressed plz help me out plz..

  • sir.. am in final year mbbs.. i.e. last sem.. and only 20 days to go for my pre-university exam and 2.5 months to go for my university exam.. i have alomst completed my syllabus once but am too confused and stressed.. plz i beg for your advice and your guidance.. plz guide me now what should be my next step.. and am very slow at reading.. i dont know how to revise now within short period of time..

    • First thing is don’t stress yourself too much, but little bit of stress is important though.
      Divide you time for the subjects, this 20 days, leave 3-4 days for the 1st paper. Use this pre-university exam as the opportunity to prepare yourself for the finals.
      Try to read notes, and try to pick up a better pace, make targets, List down topics from each subjects and study and tick the topic once you finish.
      Go through past question papers and know the probable questions from each system.
      Read wisely than reading hard.
      Discuss with a study partner, ask them what all they have completed and what might be asked.
      Share your ideas with friends.

      At this time, develop confidence for finals and for vivas. Don’t be scared of failing, just think that you have to do well.
      If you want more detail plan, you can mail us , the subjects and time and we can make a small plan for you.
      Best is to set your own goal and study at better pace, each time.

  • Sir,

    I have only 1month for my final examz .. im preparing but Im tensed alwayz .. because of case presentation. . Any tips from you? .I tried most things to releive pressure nothing helps

  • Sir i have joined in mbbs course 2 weeks before how to improve basic knowledge regarding arteries & veins basic terminology & basic principles of anatomy & which book to prefer regarding this

  • After passing 1st prof I took 2nd Prof real light and as a result got a supplementary in Pharmacology.I managed to pass the rest 3 subjects but couldn’t give pharmacology much time to pass it.Now after results and 2 months to go for the supply exam my knowledge is next to nill.Please help Mr out I’m freaking out !

  • Gud evening sir!…I have my final exam of mbbs part 1 in first week of octoboer 2014…kindly suggest me how to prepare for it….what subjects I should do first…and how to devide the time…plx suggest me….I will be very thankful..thanku

  • sir,
    itz my 1st year in mbbs..plzz tel me which topic should i start from..anatomy , biochem. nd physiology..?? plz tel me

  • sir,i just got admission in a medical college of Kolkata.our session will start on 1st sept,so there is a two months gape,and i want to do some basic study before joining college.so i want to know which i follow first-anatomy/physiology/biochemistry?

    • What you can do is, go through Human Anatomy first. It’ll be easier than other subjects like Pharmacology, Pathology etc. and you’ll have the basis to built your further knowledge upon it.
      Formula is
      Anatomy–> Physiology–> Biochemistry–>Pathology–>microbiology–>Pharmacology inorder
      Refer to this one-
      Wishing you best of luck.
      If you have any queries , ask us freely, we’ll be here to help you.

  • sir,i just take admission in mbbs course

    i have two months left to go in college,what basic study i do to get first year less tough

    • Shubham,Its good to know that you want be prepared in forehand and this is a precious attitude. MBBS is a pretty different from what you have all been learning before joining it. Keep your aptitude alive and you’ll do great.
      What you can do is, go through Human Anatomy first. It’ll be easier than other subjects like Pharmacology, Pathology etc. and you’ll have the basis to built your further knowledge upon it. Refer to this one-
      If you have a senior in the college, get used to the course and study system in your college. Try to find friends who are interested in studying and build a good circle because there are always a group who party hard and study only before exams.
      Wishing you best of luck.
      Do not hesitate to write to us if any problem.

  • Sir,I’m in 3rd year(6th sem).i hv nly 1 month for preparation of internal exams.psm/ophthalmology/ent…frm whr to start? I’m confused..help me

    • You have 1 month in hands to prepare for exam, which is just enough from my experience. So, first free yourself from stress and anxiety.

      Always begin with anatomy. Conditions of eyes and ears are pretty difficult to understand until you have sound knowledge of anatomy.

      Anterior chamber is important in undergraduate level in ophthalmology. Make sure not to miss these topics – Pathologic myopia, Aphakia, Pinguecula, Pterygium, Ophthalmia neonatarum, Trachoma, Bacterial conjunctivitis, Corneal ulcer, Corneal opacity, Difference between episcleritis and scleritis, Staphyloma, Anterior uveitis, endophthalmitis, sympathetic ophthalmia, uveal melanoma, Congenital cataract, senile cataract, briefly about cataract surgeries, Optic disc changes and visual field changes in glaucoma, Management of Acute congestive glaucoma, Diabetic retinopathy, CRAO, Hypertensive retinopathy, retinoblastoma, ARMD, retinitis pigmentosa, amblyopia, papilledema, optic neuritis, strabismus – classification, tests and general concepts, thyroid eye disease, Xerophthalmia. Once you finish these topics, if you still have time you can further study other topics.

      In ENT, never miss these topics – Otitis media and complications, BPPV, Menier’s disease, Bell’s palsy, Acoustic neuroma, Ear wax, Otitis externa, Sinusitis and complications, Atrophic rhinitis, Juvenile nasopharyngeal angiofibroma, Nasopharyngeal carcinoma, Deviated nasal septum, Briefly about septal surgeries, Septal abscess and perforation, Epistaxis, Vocal nodule and polyp, Stridor, Epiglottitis and Croup, Laryngeal carcinoma, Tracheostomy.

      What is taught in community medicine in 3rd year?

      • Sir,….In psm …concept of epidemiology , health & diseases ,communicable diseases , demography & family planning , obstetrics, paediatric & geriatric ..,nutrition & health, medicine & health …ocuupational health has been taught!

      • Sir, thnq yu..thnq yu…thnq yu…fo ophthal & ent..it will help me alot..thnq yu soo much.

  • Sir,i failed in my anatomy and biochem final xams conducted in july2013,though i wrkd hard….now i have 1month time for my supplimentary exams…being perfect with previous 10yrs question papers will help me to pass..sir??plzzz suggest

    • Probably, past ten years question will contain most of the important and common questions, repetition of questions is likely in any exam. Do your best, perfect them and try to get with your books as well. The more the better. Best of luck

  • sir only 1 month is der 4 my exam so what shall i study whole text or just questions.

    • It is best if you can go for the important topics from the text and then look at questions. If this is not possible, you should atleast study the topics about which the questions have been asked in the past. Read those topics from the book.

  • Sir i m in mbbs 1st year i hav my final exam from 19th plz tell whether to read whole or only do important questions and past papers. I m confused.

  • sir i m studying in 1st mbbs please recommend me which books to study i m confused which books to study i hav my university exams in december plz help..

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