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Am I lying to the patient?

Am I lying to the patient?

Few days back, me and my friend (currently doing residency at US), were discussing the differences in medical practice between Nepal and USA. I have shared a situation which I had faced recently. An old lady in her 70s came with her daughter and other relatives visited our OPD with complaints of deep yellow eyes and skin and pain in …

Internet and Patient Awareness

Internet and Patient Awareness

Internet is the richest source of information and the most vast as well in the existing world. There is almost no word or phrase that is not found in the Search. People have become well informed of their state of health and of course their disease.

There are plenty of quality health websites with informations made as simple as that, anyone …

5 famous Wrestlers with Acromegaly and Gigantism

5 famous Wrestlers with Acromegaly and Gigantism

List of Wrestlers or Celebrities who suffered from the pituitary problem,  Endocrine disorder, where there is over secretion of Growth Hormones leading to Gigantism initally ( Tall stature ) followed by Acromeglay ( Coarsening of features ) after the growth plate fuses.
They were famous for their appearance and huge contour, which was infact an abnormality created by disease pathology.
Here are …

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