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20 Questions On Epilepsy

20 Questions On Epilepsy

1. What is epilepsy ? What are the different types of epilepsies ?
Answer: Epilepsy is a disorder that briefly interrupts the normal electricals activity of the brain. In people with epilepsy, too many neurons fire at one time, causing an “electrical storm” within the brain, which results in physical changes called seizures. Seizures may be convulsion, short periods of …

3 Conditions You Might Mistake for Cancer

3 Conditions You Might Mistake for Cancer

Someone rightly said, “People live with cancer than they die from it”.  Cancer is one of those conditions which are often associated with fear and even stigma.  The good thing about increased expansion of online medical information in recent years is it has made people aware of their health and diseased conditions. But on the other hand its tendency to …

Causes of Earache or Otalgia

Causes of Earache or Otalgia

Earache a.k.a Otalgia medically is the pain in ear that can occur due to problems within or outside the ear and may be temporary or constant. An earache can affect one or both ears and can vary from a mild, dull ache to a throbbing or stabbing pain that is nearly incapacitating.
What is referred Otalgia?
Otalgia is not always associated with ear …

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