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Infertility: disease, lifestyle choice or just bad luck?

Chandler: Apparently, my sperm have low motility, and you have an inhospitable environment. Monica: Oh. What does that mean? Chandler: It means that my guys won’t get off their barcaloungers, and you have a uterus that is prepared to kill the ones that do. Infertility was once referred to asthe ‘silent disorder’ buthas now found […]

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Gynae/Obstr Medical videos

Hysterosalpingography : Procedure and Video

Procedure, Indications and Hazards of Hysterosalphingography HSG is an operative procedure whereby a radiographic study of the interior of the uterotubal anatomy is made using a contrast media. Indications of HSG To note the tubal patency in case of Infertility or following the tubal operation To detect uterine malformation in the recurrent mid trimester abortion […]

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