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A boy struggling with an extreme skin disorder

  • January 27, 2016
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A boy struggling with an extreme skin disorder

An 11 year boy , Ramesh Darji, from remote village away from Baglung in the Himalayan country of Nepal has been suffering from a rare and extremely severe and extensive dermatological ( skin ) disease. The lesions appeared since infancy and has accumulated over years to make things worse. The skin has been darkened, thickened and with large scales. The Media and other agencies have claimed it to be a fungal infection, but not everybody is convinced with the diagnosis. Since it appeared after the birth itself, it more sort of looks like a skin disorder than an infectious cause, which rather may have been secondary over the lesion. The photos and appeal for help have been circulating in the local media, but since we could help reach the people around the world of both medical community and health enthusiasts better , we have re-blogged this case.

‘Ramesh, the second of four children of Nar Kumari and Nanda Kumar, contracted the disease right after his birth. He usually spends his time indoors because the children in the neighborhood are usually frightened by his deformed face.’ – the Media

medchrome ramesh darji

The skin lesion has crippled the boy to his home and is unable to live like a normal child. The family is poor and have not been able to cover the cost for the treatment. The efforts are ongoing to help the child within and from outside the nation. Hope we all will be able to bring back the smile to his face.

Skin dark and scaling

severe skin lesion nepali

Any Dermatologists/Doctors who have special opinion on the case can leave the comment below. A review of it will be valued.

Photo: Facebook post by a Primary physician

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