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Post Graduation (PG) after MBBS – Top Destinations

  • May 3, 2022
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Post Graduation (PG) after MBBS – Top Destinations

Entering the Post-graduation courses after MBBS in Nepal has become a tough exit for the Medical Students. Due to limited number of PG ( MD, MS, M. Sc) seats in Clinical Medicine and Basic Science in comparison to rapidly growing MBBS graduates in Nepal, the problem has become imminent now.

Here is the updated 2022.

Common Entrance exam MEC

The Old Exam system for PG entrance in Nepal, which used to be separately conducted by each university, has now been replaced by the Common entrance exam by Medical Education committee. It takes place in January each year and now PG seats in different specialties has increased in number significantly.

Details on the exam can be found at Edusanjal


2. PG in INDIA

Indian PG is one of the TOUGHEST entrance examinations in ASIA. But INDIA has provided foreign seats. Nepalese have to compete for the foreign seat and probability is better this way.

  • All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), India Date: May  and November
  • Postgraduate Institute of Medical Education and Research (PGIMER) Chandigarh,India Date: May  and November


  • Pakistan: Islamabad, Lahore and Karachi e.g In King Edward Medical University (KEMU) you need to pass Pakistan license exam
  • College of Physicians and Surgeons Pakistan (CPSP) Date: May and 
  • Eligibility: 1 year experience after MBBS

4. United States Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE) :

Recently, this has been a choice destination for many. USMLE is being increasingly attempted by MBBS doctors and now PG residents and by PG doctors. Exam- Any time of year except 1st 15 days of January . It is considered the best option as the Degree is respected highly around the globe and with awesome salary becomes the zenith for ambitious students. Details can be found here The new USMLE. has removed the Step 2 CS, temporarily until it shall be replaced by another way of assessment. Till then OET will used for application for the residency seats. Interviews are being taken online because of COVID, so cost of taking USMLE has been reduced significantly during this time.

5. Australian Medical Council (AMC), Australia: It is said that Australia is congested and getting into PG is difficult now.Details about

6. UK: PLAB 1,2 ,3 and still have to be lucky to get into PG.  UK has become a major destination for post graduates and those undergoing fellowship training at various centers in United Kingdom. Brexit caused shortage of doctors, and that opened the door of opportunity for foreign trained doctors to work under esteemed NHS system.

7. Bangladesh: Passing PG from Bangladesh has been known to be very tough. But more students are flocking into Bangladesh as PG seat are becoming virtual in Nepal, India.

8. Republic of the Philippines : Recent trend has been to form a group and fly to Philippines for PG. An easier destination but lower in choice. But recently Kathmandu University has denied to provide any faculty quota for specialists passing from Philippines. Issue is, many PG course are run in private and non-university hospitals with/without Thesis.

9. Denmark: Not well explored area. But have to get language course first.

10. Germany: PG degree from Germany is well-reputed and free as well. Language is required. Here is an experience of a foreign graduate from the University of Frankfurt who discusses all aspects of student’s life in germany including fees, language, living cost, lifestyle and training required.

11. China : A good option for Nepali students. Specially for students who studied MBBS in China as they are adapted to the language and condition. China is rising up as a good destination because it provides good stipend and many doctors passing out from China have made remarkable status in Nepal.

12. Japan : Exam May-June. Japan provides scholarship for PG, PhD  5 years course. Stipends are offered to Nepali students. Exam is taken by the Japanese embassy and is one of the fairest competition.

13. Ukraine/ Other European countries: Ukraine, Kharkiv used to be a popular Medical education destination for Nepal, but now it is bad idea because of wars.

14. Canada – Canadian Medical Licensing Examination.


Sources: Researched article from internet, RPG, PG forum India, KU and TU websites.

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  • I m a mbbs student in nepal at patan …..i jst wanna knw after the completion of my mbbs…can i apply for MD program in india/usa/australia in scholarship……plzz tell me

    • For India, you need to pass the entrance exam PGI or AIIMS.
      USA: Pass USMLE and apply.
      Australia: Pass AMC and apply.

      All are free. USA and Australia pay you while you do your residency. But the cost of taking the exams and travel is all yours.

  • are any books available in the Nepal for especial NMC licencing exam . .please help me…


    • There is no Diploma training in Nepal, go for MD.

  • Hello I am dr.tejas patel.. I’m doing final year medicine in Philippines.. I want to do residency in Canada.. how can I apply there for residency? Guide me…

  • Hlw..i m dr.Liza.I completed my MBBS last year in Bangladesh…now m interested about pistgrauduation in Germany in surgery or basic anatomy faculty…so what opportunity there and what should I do..plz help me to find out

  • Does Australia, UK, USA, Canada, Germany provide scholarship for pg??I am currently pursuing MBBS from Kathmandu University, was cursious about procedure and cost of postgraduation in these countries. Thanks for help!

  • hi um dr.hameem.I passed mbbs from bangladesh..its who and nmc recognised medical college.i want scholarship for postgraduation.subject name:cardilology..I wish I got scholarship about MD in cardilology..its possible??I want to go foreingn county to get post graduate suc h haustralia,usa,canada,japan..ielts need??please describe me.I wish I want to be a cardilologist

  • if someone passed bsc nursing …and wanna appear in md equal competting to those of mbbs student for MD SEATS.. is there any provision for such student … m nt talking about specific seat … just by free competition if he/she wanna try what we can do ….
    pls reply me

    • It is not possible Akshyaa

    • U can do medicine program in Philippines… 4 yrs duration… total duration is like 6 yrs but your previous degree consider so u don’t need to do bs psychology 2 yrs .. so u can directly join in 1 yr. md program directly

  • I have completed my MBBS this year, 2016. I want to know the procedures to get csc, china government scholarship. Can I get the csc for 2016? I have passed hsk level 3 and my grade is 2.7.

  • I have done my MBBS from Kathmandu University, but had a suppli in 1st year, would that be a hurdle for me when applying for PG courses outside Nepal? As in Europe or USA/Canada.
    Are there any kind of scholarships for foreign students which I can prepare for?

    • Currently, I am a 4th year student and have cleared all my exams so far.

    • Failing should not be a problem for PG.
      Scholarships are available for PG in China, Pakistan, India and Bangladesh.

      • Thanks, is it the same for US and European countries?

  • Where can I apply for MD Dermatology and veneral disease in Philipines and Bangladesh

  • I just completed my 1 year rotatory internship in Manipal. I am wishing to study in Nepal itself but getting a PG seat is becoming more and more virtual due many MBBS seat and very very less PG seats. As per KU, BPKIHS IOM NAMS.. all want expirience of being a Medical officer of a year. But i guess IOM exams are to be held this winter.. and all the MBBS graduates are being a pendulum.
    However which Bangladesh universities are recognized by NMC for PG ??

    • Hello, Miss Jenny,
      Following colleges are WHO and NMC recongnized in Bangladesh.

      Jahurul Islam Medical College, Bajitpur, Kishoreganj
      • Jalalabad Ragib-Rabeya Medical College, Sylhet
      • North-East Medical College, Sylhet
      • North Bengal Medical College
      • Northern International Medical College, Dhaka
      • Moulana Bhasani Medical College, Dhaka
      • Islami Bank Medical College, Rajshahi
      • International Medical College, Gazipur
      • Bangladesh Medical College, Dhaka
      • East West Medical College, Dhaka
      • Eastern Medical College, Comilla
      • Kumudini Medical College, Tangail
      • Moulana Bhasani Medical College, Dhaka
      • Tairunnessa Memorial Medical College, Gazipur
      • Shahabuddin Medical College, Dhaka

      But since the list undergo changes from time to time. It’s wise to ask about the unviersity you wish to go with the council itself.

  • I am a query sir.What are the requirements to appear md ms entrance exams in Nepal. Suppose I complete by MBBS with a year internship then is it required to work as a medical officer for a year or more to be eligible to appear the entrance exams?? I mean if a year experience as a M0 is required then..depending upon my final university exams result date and the entrance exam for md ms.. this will make everyone spend around 2 years before getting to appear the entrance exam as my experienced as MO wont a year when the exam commences.

    • This is the current problem with Nepal MD/MS, no one cares , just create policies and change as per own wish.

  • are foreign pg residents paid stipend in india (aiims/pgi) ??

    • They are not paid

  • Can I get some more info on Ireland as a choice. ? How is the licence exam? Is it easy to get into pg programs? Anyone with any ideas?

  • Hey I want to join pg in radiology…I want to go Philippines… I want to know about the expense nd how can I get the pg programme..please help me

  • can u plz give more information regarding number of seats offered and experience required to appear the respective exams

  • I m doing my MBBS in india ….. I m a 3rd year student…..and I want to do post graduation in Denmark…..UK…..Germany…..what is the procedures for applying in this countries…. Plz provide me proper guidance

  • hai.i graduate medicine from philippines ,PG from PH is reg in india????
    how abt nepal do i need to write MCI exam for that ?plz help me

  • i have completed mbbs from nepal tribhuwan university want to do MD paediatrics or MS general there coleges in india for direct addmission with minimum fees..i dont want premier college..

  • HEY! I’m gonna start my mbbs course this bangladesh..i wanna know the possibilities of settling in canada or australia right after my 5 yr course…i dont wanna do the 1 yr internship here either…THANKS FOR YOUR HELP! 🙂

  • which one is the best abroad destination if i am to do my postgraduates that is affordable and that i can earn my expenses well during the period….plz few names of the institutions that are affordable or providing partial or full scholarships..
    thanking you for help

    • Which country are you from? And in which country do to wish to join post graduate courses?

  • How can i get the mbbs scholarship?

  • which one is the best abroad destination among them except the tough ones USMLE and PLAB?? I want to specialize in Cardiology after MBBS!

  • i am dr m i munna passes mbbs may 2001 from bangladesh.i have
    completed 2year residency training in general surgery.and i my self
    perform many major and minor operation of general i would
    like to acquire a post graduation in hepatobiliary surgery.

    dr m i munna

    • You need to Super-specialize (MCH degree) to become a Hepatobiliary surgeon.
      Such seats are available around the Medical colleges in India and few colleges in Nepal.
      In some countries like Bangladesh and Japan , you can directly go for Sub-specialities.

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