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Post Graduation (PG) after MBBS – Top Destinations

  • May 3, 2022
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Post Graduation (PG) after MBBS – Top Destinations

Entering the Post-graduation courses after MBBS in Nepal has become a tough exit for the Medical Students. Due to limited number of PG ( MD, MS, M. Sc) seats in Clinical Medicine and Basic Science in comparison to rapidly growing MBBS graduates in Nepal, the problem has become imminent now.

Here is the updated 2022.

Common Entrance exam MEC

The Old Exam system for PG entrance in Nepal, which used to be separately conducted by each university, has now been replaced by the Common entrance exam by Medical Education committee. It takes place in January each year and now PG seats in different specialties has increased in number significantly.

Details on the exam can be found at Edusanjal


2. PG in INDIA

Indian PG is one of the TOUGHEST entrance examinations in ASIA. But INDIA has provided foreign seats. Nepalese have to compete for the foreign seat and probability is better this way.

  • All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), India Date: May  and November
  • Postgraduate Institute of Medical Education and Research (PGIMER) Chandigarh,India Date: May  and November


  • Pakistan: Islamabad, Lahore and Karachi e.g In King Edward Medical University (KEMU) you need to pass Pakistan license exam
  • College of Physicians and Surgeons Pakistan (CPSP) Date: May and 
  • Eligibility: 1 year experience after MBBS

4. United States Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE) :

Recently, this has been a choice destination for many. USMLE is being increasingly attempted by MBBS doctors and now PG residents and by PG doctors. Exam- Any time of year except 1st 15 days of January . It is considered the best option as the Degree is respected highly around the globe and with awesome salary becomes the zenith for ambitious students. Details can be found here http://www.usmle.org/ The new USMLE. has removed the Step 2 CS, temporarily until it shall be replaced by another way of assessment. Till then OET will used for application for the residency seats. Interviews are being taken online because of COVID, so cost of taking USMLE has been reduced significantly during this time.

5. Australian Medical Council (AMC), Australia: It is said that Australia is congested and getting into PG is difficult now.Details about  http://www.amc.org.au/

6. UK: PLAB 1,2 ,3 and still have to be lucky to get into PG.  UK has become a major destination for post graduates and those undergoing fellowship training at various centers in United Kingdom. Brexit caused shortage of doctors, and that opened the door of opportunity for foreign trained doctors to work under esteemed NHS system.

7. Bangladesh: Passing PG from Bangladesh has been known to be very tough. But more students are flocking into Bangladesh as PG seat are becoming virtual in Nepal, India.

8. Republic of the Philippines : Recent trend has been to form a group and fly to Philippines for PG. An easier destination but lower in choice. But recently Kathmandu University has denied to provide any faculty quota for specialists passing from Philippines. Issue is, many PG course are run in private and non-university hospitals with/without Thesis.

9. Denmark: Not well explored area. But have to get language course first.

10. Germany: PG degree from Germany is well-reputed and free as well. Language is required. Here is an experience of a foreign graduate from the University of Frankfurt who discusses all aspects of student’s life in germany including fees, language, living cost, lifestyle and training required.

11. China : A good option for Nepali students. Specially for students who studied MBBS in China as they are adapted to the language and condition. China is rising up as a good destination because it provides good stipend and many doctors passing out from China have made remarkable status in Nepal.

12. Japan : Exam May-June. Japan provides scholarship for PG, PhD  5 years course. Stipends are offered to Nepali students. Exam is taken by the Japanese embassy and is one of the fairest competition.

13. Ukraine/ Other European countries: Ukraine, Kharkiv used to be a popular Medical education destination for Nepal, but now it is bad idea because of wars.

14. Canada – Canadian Medical Licensing Examination.


Sources: Researched article from internet, RPG, PG forum India, KU and TU websites.

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  • Is pg in india under scholarship for nepali students or not?

  • I am Dr. Abdul Haseeb butt from Pakistan. I have completed MBBS from a state University in Pakistan and completed one year house job. Now I am interested in specialization from china in the field of liver transplant surgery. Kindly guide.

    • I have studied mbbs in China as far as I know ,for PG in China you need to pass their HSK (language exam ) and after that you can even get admission on full scholarship

  • I want to do pg from Canada with scholarship .pls provide information

  • Is it compulsory to work for 5 yrs after md from IOM .Is there any way to escape from this bonding??

  • 5 yrs bond is only applied for IOM or all other government hospitals like Bir hospital ,patan hospital Bpkihs..plz give the information

  • Request for admission in pg or ms, please guide

  • I have completed my MBBS in India. Can I please know is Philliphiens good option to do MD/MS ?? Please help me

    • Philippines, for the fact is claimed to be US model PG but reputation is very much doubtful. A University degree will be good but don’t go for Hospital based or Departmental residency.

      • I am very interested pg medical Residency in Philippine can you pls guide me or any agent I can contact. they have good programs .
        Thanks in advance

    • I m a MBBS from Phillipine. And I m indian citizen as far as I know Pg from Philippines is not valid in India. So it’s better u look for other options like usmle plab or AMC.

    • Philippines is good if u pass in concerned speciality board exam. Far better than China n Russia

  • Am doing my mbbs degree in india … i want to do my pg abroad ..what to do?

  • Hi I have just completed my mbbs from India. Can u please guide me on M.D. / M.S. from Nepal and current prospectus of nepal pg degree in india thanx

  • hi i am Bangladesh ei doctor..i want pg on MS orthopaedics in china with scholarship ….please give the procedure and guide line about it……

  • hi i am a Bangladeshi medical student.just completed final professional examination.I want to postgraduate in Australia or Canada with scholarship .so what i have to do.and also prefer to do post graduation in field of surgery like orthopedic.please give me a guideline.

    • apu apni jodi kno information pan please amk janaben…r ami paile apnake o janabo…..

  • I am a Foreign Medical Graduate from Ukraine and I am an Indian but due to some reason i wanna do my Pg from Pakistan…So is it possible for an Indian to do Pg in Pakistan and if yes then please suggest the procedure and all the related details..Thanks.

  • hello m done my mobs from india… can i get seat for ortho in out side of india ,,,? plz provide detail

  • I am a fully + freshly registered doctor from the UK and i am interested to apply for a residency in Nepal. Unfortunately I am not able to find any information regarding how qualified European doctors apply for registration to practice in Nepal, which I understood as an requirement before applying for any residency program in Nepal.

    I would be delighted if anyone here is able to provide any information regarding this, Thanks loads

    • you have to pass nepal medical licence exam and have to stay for about 4/5 years and you will b here resident permanently in my view

      • No need NMC for outsiders. They apply for temporary registration and it will be valid up to the pg course

    • foreign seats are available for residency you can apply for it

    • If you want to practice them Pass the NMC exam or the hospital can apply for you for NMC. This will be a temporary one but can practice. To do residency/PG you can pay in USD as a International student for this they have certain quota . But what /how will you benefit from the PG medicine from Nepal.

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