Cost of Admission in Medical Colleges of Nepal


For International Students at Manipal( MCOMS)


2017 Update

All fees are in Nepali currency.

Tribhuvan University and Affiliated Colleges- Fee list.

The fee for MBBS program for the academic year 2073/74 is as follows:

  1. MaharajugnJ Medical Campus (Full Paying): Rs. 35,00,000
  2. Affiliated Medical Colleges (Inside Valley): Rs. 35,00,000
  3. Affiliated Medical Colleges (Outside Valley): Rs. 35,00,000

For BDS program: Rs. 17,56,920

According to the notice, students have to pay the full amount in three installments.

First Installment: 50%

Second Installment: 25%

Third Installment: 25%

Kathmandu University and Affiliated colleges Fee list


2016 Updates, November

This years Revised Fees for MBBS are

MBBS: 34 lakhs, BDS: 22 lakhs

Charges can go upto 62 lakhs for Medical colleges with less MBBS seats and lower for colleges with more MBBS Seat

KU total MOE seats

  1. Kathmandu Univeristy Medical School
    • MBBS Seats: 75  MOE scholarship: 2 seats
  2. Kathmandu Medical College
    • MBBS: 115 ( MOE seats=12)
  3. Nepal Medical College
    • MBBS: 115 ( MOE seats=12)
  4. Manipal College of Medicine
    1. 115 ( MOE seats=12)
  5. Nepaljung Medical College
    1. MBBS – 115 seats  ( MOE seats=12)
  6. College of Medical Science, Bhairawa
    1. MBBS -115 seata ( MOE seats=20)
  7. Lumbini Medical College- MBBS: 100 seats (MOE seats=10)
  8. Devdaha Medical College – MBBS seats 24 (MOE seats=2)
  9. Birat Medical College: MBBS : 75 seats  (MOE seats=8)
  10. Nobel Medical College: MBBS: 100 seats (MOE seats=10)

Total Scholarship seats

  • Total seats=100
    General= 55

1.NEPAL ARMY  Medical College – MBBS seats 115  MOE Sholarship: 12
2.KIST Medical College: MBBS seats: 110.  MOE: 11
3.Chitwan Medical College:  MBBS seats 115.   MOE: 12
4.Universal College Medical Science. MBBS seats 115.  MOE: 12
5.Gandaki Medical COllege: MBBS seats: 90. MOE: 9
6.Nationa Medical College ,Birjunj. MBBS seats 115.  MOE: 12
7.Janaki Medical College . MBBS seats 80. MOE: 8

    GENERAL(55%)= 42


Though the council of Ministers meeting held on 2072/06/01 had decided 35 lakhs as the cost of MBBS in Nepal, due to various deep rooted obstacles in the implementation aspect has been least successful with variable rates ranging from 37-48 lakhs for Nepalese nationals and similar figure in Indian currency for foreign nationals.

Updates 2015-2016 admission fees are estimates and may not match exactly-

BPKIHS , Dharan

heavily subsidized -8 lakhs

partial – 32 lakhs

full tution fee-72 lakhs


IOM ( institute of Medicine, TUTH, Kathmandu)

Nepalese subsidized -2,90,815 rupees,

Nepalese paying-34,66,875 rupees.

for SAARC nationals -57,785 US$

for foreign(out of SAARC nationals) – 69,340 US$


PAHS ( Patan Academy of Health Sciences)

Patan PAHS MBBS admission fee

KU and TU affiliated Medical colleges- 37-48 Lakhs 


The Latest fee structure for 2014- (Updated)

1. Nepal Medical College Teaching Hospital- 43 lakhs ( 4.3 million)

2. KIST Medical College Teaching Hospital- 42.5 lakhs ( 4.25 million)




This post has been updated to match the latest (2012) admission fees structure for MBBS course in respective medical schools. Thanks to our contributor Mr. Binaya Kafle. The amount figures are rounded off.

Note: 10 lakhs = 1 million

For complete list of medical colleges along with their location, university affiliation and contact information go to:

Notice for admission and  the fees details of undergraduate programs

 2013 August session

  1. 1.Colleges are informed to take admission of the candidates who passed the entrance test of respective programs on merit basis.
  2. 2.The fees of the differentat different colleges will be as follows:


Name of the colleges

MBBS Program (Total fee)

BDS Program (Total Fee)


Onetime paymentOn InstallmentOnetime paymentOn Installment  


KUSMS, Dhulikhel –29,98,70018,00,000


MCOMS, Pokhara –40,00,000 –


COMS, Bharatpur 44,00,000 + interest 18,00,000+ interest


NGMC, Nepalgunj –40,00,000 – –


KMC, Kathmandu –41,26,390 – 15,09,000


NMC, Jorpati –39,50,00018,00,000


Nobel, Biratnagar 35.85.000 39,95,00012,47,50014,36,500


KDC, kathmandu –22,00,000


LMC, Palpa 32,00,000 38,00,000 –




















1. BP Koirala Institute of Health Sciences (BPKIHS), Dharan

Partial Scheme: Rs. 26.7 lakhs

2. Nepal Medical College (NMC), Jorpati

Installment Basis: Rs. 34.5 lakhs

3. Kathmandu Medical College (KMC), Shinamangal

Installment Basis: Rs. 36.7 lakhs

4. Manipal Medical College (MCOMS), Pokhara

Installment Basis: Rs. 35 lakhs

5. Nepalgunj Medical College (NGMC), Chisaapani

Single payment basis: Rs. 31 lakhs

Installment basis: Rs. 35 lakhs

6. College of Medical Sciences (COMS), Bharatpur

Single Payment Basis: Rs. 35 lakhs

7. Universal Medical College (UCMS), Bhairahawa

Single Payments Basis: Rs. 33 lakhs

Installment Basis: Rs. 35 lakhs

8. Janaki Medical College (JMC), Janakpur

Installment basis: Rs. 27 lakhs

9. National Medical College (NMC), Birgunj

Installment basis: Rs. 30 lakhs

10. Nobel Medical College (Nobel), Biratnagar

Single Payment Basis: Around 27 lakhs

Installment Basis: 29.5 lakhs

11. Kist Medical College (KISTMC), Lalitpur

Single Payment Basis: Rs. 31.2 lakhs

Installment Basis: Rs.  34.2 lakhs

12. Chitwan Medical College (CMC), Chitwan

Single Payment Basis: Rs. 27.5 lakhs

13. Gandaki Medical College (GMC), Pokhara

Single Payment Basis: Rs. 25 lakhs

Installment Basis: Rs. 30 lakhs

14. Nepalese Army Institute of Health Sciences (NAIHS), Chhaauni

Single Payment Basis: Rs. 29 lakhs

Installment Basis: Rs. 35 lakhs

15. Institute of Medicine (IOM), Maharajgunj

Installment Basis: Rs. 30 lakhs

16. Lumbini Medical College (LMC), Palpa

Installment Basis: Rs. 32 lakhs

17. Kathmandu University School of Medical Sciences (KUSMS), Dhulikhel

Installment basis: Rs. 27 lakhs

18. Patan Academy of Health Sciences (PAHS), Patan

Partial scheme: Rs. 15 lakhs

Full payment scheme: Rs. 30 lakhs

Collaborative scheme: Rs. 22 lakhs

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  1. Sir what is the fee structr for an indian student in IOM including accomodatn & food & normal expances????

  2. Sir, How many days after iom mbbs entrance exam result we need to apply for medical college?
    In which month the educational session will start?

  3. what is the charge(library, magazine,sportsetc) beyond the donation?
    Upto how much does it cost except those 35 lacs and hostel fee.
    in NEPAL ARMY college

  4. sir, i want to do mbbs . and i haven’t done +2. i have done H.A ( health assistant) (PCL) of ( CTEVT )… plz sir can u gave me some sug’n how n what can i do to do mbbs. thank u sir

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    I would like to study MBBS in Nepal .
    I’ve passed 12th std from india
    I have not given entrance test .
    Is Thr any chances for admission now please let me know.

    1. Without entrance examination, one is ineligible for enrollment under any university in Nepal. It is better to appear in the coming examination.

  7. Hello sir I want to get admission in a MBBS college of nepal. I get 71% marks in class 12th from India. So what is the fee structure to get direct admission in the college.

  8. Sir can you tell me fee structure of MD/Ms in Nepal recognised by mci & procedure for admission in particular college.

  9. Sir ,when will be conducted Nepal medical intrance exam .And how Indian apply form for scholarship exam .

  10. Sir,when will be conducted Nepal medical intrance exam .And how Indian apply form for scholarship exam .

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    I would like to know the admission procedure for a foreign student of South Africa.
    Am I required to take any entrance exam? When is the interview? How would you advise me to prepare myself in the event I have to take an entrance exam?

  12. Sir,
    I would like to do my MBBS in Nepal. Now BP koirala announced the entrance exam date. Is the exam score is accepted by other medical colleges in Nepal or only by bp koirala. Kindly revert the details of it.
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