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After Safe Abortion : Care and Curiosity

  • June 20, 2015
  • 2 min read
After Safe Abortion : Care and Curiosity

Abortion refers to the expulsion of fetus from the uterus before the birth. According to medical science, expulsion before 22 weeks is regarded as abortion. As a doctor, your counselling must quench the following curiosities of the patient/client.

medical vs surgical abortion

Curiosity 1: What are the things I should know after Safe Abortion Service (SAS) ?

  • Take given medications in appropriate time and doses
  • Understand about possible problems and their solutions after SAS – when in home
  • When to come for follow up
  • What contraceptive to use to prevent unwanted pregnancy

Curiosity 2: How should I care myself after SAS?

  • Follow the given guidelines for 2 weeks after SAS:
  • Perform daily works but avoid heavy works as much as possible.
  • Eat plenty of nutritious food. Drink adequate fluids if bleeding is present.
  • Measure temperature if you feel like you have fever.
  • Use sanitary pads or clean clothes. Consider buying these period pads which are completely reusable and much a safer option.
  • Better to avoid sexual contact till 1 week of SAS.
  • Avoid swimming
  • Take medications as prescribed
  • Avoid heavy exercise for 2-5 days.

Curiosity 3: What are the normal symptoms following SAS?

  • Mild spotting may be seen till 2 weeks
  • Lower abdomen and back pain
  • Symptoms of pregnancy like nausea that disappears within 1-7 days
  • May have mild fever
  • Ovum production starts after 10 days and menstruation starts after 4-8 weeks

Curiosity 4: What abnormal symptoms may follow SAS?

  • Spotting beyond 3 weeks after SAS
  • Excessive bleeding (Soaking of 2 pads within 1 hour or 4 pads within 2 hours)
  • Expulsion of whitish/greenish tissue thorugh the vaginal canal.
  • Symptoms of pregnancy (nausea) persisting beyond 2 weeks
  • Severe abdominal pain limiting daily works
  • Fever >100 f
  • Foul discharge through vaginal canal
  • No mensturation even after 2 months of SAS

Reach or contact the nearest health facility if any of the above symptoms are seen.

Curiosity 5: How long should I rest after SAS?

  • Can rest for half hour and go home.

Curiosity 6: What is normal amount of bleeding?

  • Comparable to your normal menstruation or little more
  • Small blood clots (grape-size) are normal but large clots (orange-sized) are not normal
  • Amount of bleeding must be same or decrease
  • Fresh blood indicates increased bleeding

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