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Quick Fitness Tips That Can Be Used Daily

  • June 17, 2016
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Quick Fitness Tips That Can Be Used Daily

In the current day and age, and with an increasing number of people becoming victims of diseases and conditions related to unhealthy lifestyle, one cannot ignore the importance of fitness and well-being. Unhealthy eating habits and irregular fitness regime can cause several ailments including cancer, diabetes, and even mental issues such as depression.

Following a regular fitness regime can not only enhance your current physical and mental health but also protect you from several medical conditions and chronic diseases. People who are physically fit are likely to be healthier and tend to find it easier to maintain optimum weight.

Here are few fitness tips that can enhance your fitness regime on a daily basis:

  1. Select an Enjoyable Workout
    Choosing the best workout regime can help you win half the battle. Opt for a workout plan that you enjoy. It can keep you motivated to achieve your fitness goals with ease. 

    Any form of exercise brings vitality, rejuvenation, and longevity to your body. Getting fit is not just about mastering strenuous exercises that are difficult to perform, but also imbibing healthy habits to stay hale and hearty.

    If you are just starting a fitness regime, you can begin by trying a different workout every week and then stick to the one you enjoy the most. You can try your hand at Zumba, Yoga, Tai Chi, swimming, or even hire a personal trainer from ProHandz who can train you at home

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  1. Include Workouts in Your Schedule

Workout sessions need not be taken up only in your free time. It is important that you allocate a fixed time slot to them and stick to the schedule as far as possible. Entering the workout details in your planner or to-do list can help you track and follow the timetable regularly. You can use your phone or workout apps to schedule alerts and reminders. 

Workouts should ideally be scheduled during quiet hours and with no distractions. Early mornings or right after work can be a good time. Let it gradually blend in with your daily routine and soon you may find yourself looking forward to your fitness session.

  1. Don’t Rush and Set Realistic Goals

If you are inconsistent with your fitness regime or are new to working out, then setting tough goals for your daily workout routine can be challenging for your body and lead to injuries as well. You may lose motivation if you realize that you haven’t achieved the desired results. You might begin to hesitate and feel overwhelmed by the regime. It is, therefore, important to set realistic goals.

Keep yourself motivated by focusing on bringing consistency into your daily performance, instead of monitoring the time spent on working out. Only after you’ve achieved this should you elongate the duration of your workout sessions.

Beginners can try working on just one aspect of your exercise plan every day. Workout programs with a fitness trainer can ease the initial struggle and can help you follow a regular regime. Once you start enjoying the workout, you will want to take it notches higher.

  1. Trust Your Pedometer

Technology has enhanced our lives in several ways, especially by helping us monitor our health and fitness. A pedometer can be used to keep a count of our daily footsteps. It can keep you motivated, and you can compensate for lost workout hours by walking. You can set certain milestones to achieve daily. 

Generally, people opt for 10,000 steps in a day, which is equivalent to about five miles, but you can set your targets based on your comfort level.


  1. Think of a Backup Plan

It is natural for people to skip their fitness routine every once in a while. There can be days where you are too tired from the previous day’s exertion and want to take a break, or unavoidable emergencies can come up. 

It is advisable to have a backup workout plan in place as that will help you get back to your daily workout routine. However, you should see to it that your regular routine does not take a backseat. The break should not throw you off gear or discourage you from working out.

  1. Switch to Healthier Everyday Habits

Along with your daily fitness regime, you can inculcate healthier habits that can add to your fitness goals. If your workplace is in the vicinity, for instance, you can walk the distance or use a bicycle. Further, you can take the stairs instead of the elevator/escalator. 

Running up the stairs is more like using a treadmill as it increases your heart rate and helps you get fit. You can substitute sugar-rich food items with energy bars and health drinks. Tea breaks at work can be utilized for stretching your muscles and limbs.

These changes can be difficult to implement initially, but can become a habit in no time, thereby helping you burn excess calories and serve as a cardiovascular workout for your body.

With multiple ailments and medical conditions thriving due to an unhealthy lifestyle, we need to pay more attention to our fitness now than ever before. Taking up a physical activity or incorporating a regular fitness regime in our daily life can reduce our risk of falling prey to these diseases. Along with a workout plan, it is important to practice healthy eating habits and increase the benefits to lead a healthier life.

Author Bio:

Rashmi Sen is associated with ProHandz. She is always ready to explore new opportunities and gives her best shot to whatever she undertakes. When she’s not working, she likes to explore different cities with her Labrador.

Author Bio:

Rashmi Sen is associated with ProHandz. She is always ready to explore new opportunities and gives her best shot to whatever she undertakes. When she’s not working, she likes to explore different cities with her Labrador.

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