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How to Select the Best Medical Alert System for Senior Citizens

  • January 18, 2022
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How to Select the Best Medical Alert System for Senior Citizens

Medical alert systems provide peace of mind. Peace of mind is important for caregivers who have seniors under their care. Simply knowing that help is a push of a button away adds a lot of value to both the caregiver and senior person. 

For seniors who have these devices on them, can be free to live their active, independent lifestyles and continue to stay in their homes because they are reassured that help will be available in case they need it. 

By wearing a medical alert system for seniors, like a wristband or pendant, subscribers are linked to a response center that sends a signal by pushing a button. Once triggered, an operator will make contact with the person wearing the device, to assess the present situation, depending on the severity, response associates will make contact with the subscriber’s notification list or send a message to emergency personnel. 

Like most medical alert systems, the call center has the subscriber’s medical history on record and is, therefore, able to provide emergency responders with critical information. 

Not all medical providers are the same, so here’s a basic guide to help you select the best medical alert system for seniors citizens.

Things to consider in a medical alert system:


Think about the way you live and the activities you do often. Do you live on your own or stay around the house mostly? Or are you always on the go and active in your community? Being mindful of your daily routine will help you identify and understand the medical alert system you require. For instance, if you spend your time outside the home, a mobile alert system would be a better choice.


Consider your overall well-being. Are you worried about falling? Do you consume medications that have an impact on your energy levels or a balance? Stats show that in 30% of seniors who fall, seniors are unable or don’t push the medical alert button. So in this regard, a good idea is to get a medical alert system that’s designed to provide help, whether you press the button or not. 


To get access to the call center every day and around the clock, the subscriber needs to wear a wristband or pendant on his or her body. What makes this device convenient is that it is lightweight and comfortable for the wearer to wear every day. 

In addition, a medical alert system on a pendant or wristband is also waterproof, giving the subscriber the allowance to wear the pendant while they shower or bath. This is strategic as many falls happen in the bathroom. For this reason, it’s a good idea for pendants to come with built-in breakaway cords. 

Like most medical alert systems, the device is linked with an in-home communicator that offers two-way communication with the call center. The standard of communication is important, so it’s important to search for a system that includes a high-fidelity microphone and speakers. This is to make sure that you can hear properly in the event you have an emergency to report. 


Individuals who select medical alert systems usually have several questions about how to use and set up the equipment. Choosing a medical alert system that comes with a certificated installation can remove a lot of concern from you. When certified personnel installs the system, you’ll have the confidence and surety that it has been tested and fitted to suit your lifestyle and home. As they will also educate you about how it works and more importantly about how to use it.

Attributes to look for in a medical alert system

Response center:

The response center’s ability to respond to your needs (promptly) is critical. Therefore, before you sign up with a specific provider, you’ll need to ask if the medical alert system call center can communicate with you in the language you prefer. If the medical alert system under consideration has access to your medical history, you’ll also want to find out just how much training the response operators receive.  

Enquire if they deal with medical alert systems calls only or if they also offer alternative alarm services. That way you’ll have the assurance that the medical alert provider focuses on medical responses and will be fully equipped to deliver the service in the event of an emergency. 

Fall detection:

For seniors wearing a device with fall detection technology can alert the response center when the wearer falls, without him or her doing so. This detection technology utilizes algorithms and technology to identify your regular movements separately, such as when you are reclining or sitting,  which is something different from a fall.  

The result of this capability is that it reduces the number of false alerts. But if a fall does happen, and you’re aren’t able to rise after 30 seconds, the response center is informed and reaches out to you right away. 

Location detection:

This characteristic allows the wearer to be guarded regardless of he/her whereabouts. If you’re an active person and enjoy going to fitness classes, taking walks, visiting friends, a mobile alert system could be perfect for you. 

This wearable device comes with a built-in microphone and speaker so you can speak to the response center wherever you are located. In your search, get information on what technologies the system uses and select one that includes a GPS. 

If you fall at home or anywhere, the system’s ability to locate you as fast as possible is very important, so check that out. 

Which is the best medical alert system?

If you are looking for a medical alert system that will bring you peace of mind, this article has provided a good guideline on what to look out for, to help you make the right decision. 

Most medical alert systems are easy to use, and they come equipped with a responsive service that you can call upon for help at any time of day or night, even if you’re unable to speak. All that’s required from you is to press the personal help button worn on a wrist or pendant and a trained personal response operator will be sure to get you the help you need speedily.

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