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Tips for the Elderly Living Alone With a Medical Condition

  • April 12, 2017
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Tips for the Elderly Living Alone With a Medical Condition

The elderly have a diverse range of housing options to meet their needs, ranging from assisted living facilities to senior retirement communities that are big on social activities. For those with medical conditions, these arrangements provide healthcare assistance such as help to follow your prescription schedule efficiently.

However, more seniors are preferring to live in their own apartments or housing for as long as possible. While being independent is welcoming news, it is important for you and your family to ensure that your medical needs are fulfilled and that immediate help is available in case of emergencies. Failure to take precautions could put you at risk of functional decline.

By implementing the following measures, you can ensure that your wellbeing is protected and that you can live independent for as long as possible.



  1. Consider Technology to Stay Connected

Staying connected with your friends, family and neighbors will elevate your social quotient as well as come in handy when emergencies arrive. However, there could be a life-threatening emergency or a situation where you may not be able to make it outside the house, and need someone to attend to you immediately. Technological developments have resulted in solutions for such scenarios.

For instance, www.alert-1.com and other similar options are available to send out medical alerts in case of emergencies and falls. Advanced gadgets come with an alert notification system that automatically notifies the emergency Command Center in case you face a traumatic situation. Software algorithms in these gadgets interpret the sudden change in your movement (in case of fall events, for example), and trigger the call to a family member, neighbor, or 911 depending on your preference.

  1. Make Your Home Injury Safe

Most elderly suffer injuries inside the household, so it’s important to ensure that your residence is less accident prone. Work with your family members to remove any furniture, rugs or wires that increase your chances of tripping over. In the bathroom, use anti-slip mats or anti-skid tiles, and install grab bars to hold on to in case of inadvertent falls. You don’t want a visitor to come into your home and fall because you didn’t have the right equipment to prevent a fall, this can be quite a hassle for you since anybody can be prepared to hire a slip and fall accident attorney.

Also, don’t count out external factors when it comes to protecting yourself from injuries. Ensure the windows and doors have solid locking mechanism, with grills and deadbolts installed on each respectively. While you do so, keep the nearby police station informed so that they can watch out for burglary related red flags.

  1. Have Backup Supplies

If you reside in a location that experiences power outages, it would be a smart move to have backup supplies including flashlights, candles, and batteries. Elderly who live alone with medical ailments will also want to keep enough medicine and non-perishable eatables stored away to ensure they remain on routine, even if they aren’t able to visit the grocery store for a couple of days. These supplies may never be used but will keep your mind at peace, which is essential for general well-being.

Another backup supply to consider is the lock box. It enables trusted neighbors and relatives to access your home in case you can’t make it to the doorstep. But if your neighbor has several foreclosures, you may be better off hiding the key under the mattress at the doorstep instead of using a lock box. Make sure the emergency contact is aware of the location of the key or lockbox. Call the concerned party in advance and let them know where you’re going to place the item.

By taking these measures, you’ll be able to live alone with a greater peace of mind knowing that you’ve made the environment safer for yourself. 

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