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Choosing a Thesis topic for your Post Graduate course : Beginners

Choosing a Thesis topic for your Post Graduate course : Beginners

Thesis is one of the most uttered out word heard from PG residents. It’s  a part of PG course and is essential for completion and achievement of the Degree. It is also one of the most happening event in the life of a resident. Choosing a right thesis topic is one of the most difficult and confusing issue.
Whatever field you …

Understanding Hypothyroidism

Understanding Hypothyroidism

Thyroid Hormones
The major thyroid hormones are T0-T2 and T3-T4.
T0 through T2 are considered inert hormones. They appear to be byproducts of thyroid hormone synthesis and do not appear to have any function in the body.
T3 and T4 are the hormones associated with hypothyroidism, and they play a crucial role in your metabolism. T3 is the primary hormone used to fuel …

Glycogen Metabolism and Glycogen storage Diseases

Glycogen Metabolism and Glycogen storage Diseases

Glycogen is the major storage carbohydrate in animals, corresponding to starch in plants; it is a branched polymer of α-D-glucose. It is stored mainly in liver and muscle. Due to more muscle mass, the quantity of glycogen in muscle (250gm) is about 3 times higher than that in the liver (75 gm).

Liver glycogen helps to maintain blood glucose level: Liver glycogen …

10 Golden Rules of Anesthesia

10 Golden Rules of Anesthesia

The 10 golden rules of anesthesia is universally accepted as basic safety requirements needed for starting anesthesia.

Assess the patient and Prepare the patient well
Starve him – even for Local Anesthesia
Anesthetise him on a tipping table for head down tilt in case of emergency.
Check your drugs and equipment personally
Keep an effective suction ready
Keep his airway clear
Be ready to control his ventilation
Have …

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