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Chronic or Recurrent Respiratory Symptoms in Children – An Approach

Chronic or Recurrent Respiratory Symptoms in Children – An Approach

Common Recurrent or Persistent Respiratory Symptoms -

 Persistent Lung Infiltrates #

Evaluation of chronic respiratory symptoms can be difficult  because –

Symptoms  – close succession of unrelated ARTI
Symptoms may have Single pathophysiologic process.
Lack of specific diagnostic tests.
Parental anxiety – pressure for quick therapeutic relief.

Approach to Diagnosis and Treatment
•Points to remember
–Symptoms – minor problem or life threatening process.
–Determine – most likely pathogenic mechanism.
–Simplest effective …

Causes of Earache or Otalgia

Causes of Earache or Otalgia

Earache a.k.a Otalgia medically is the pain in ear that can occur due to problems within or outside the ear and may be temporary or constant. An earache can affect one or both ears and can vary from a mild, dull ache to a throbbing or stabbing pain that is nearly incapacitating.
What is referred Otalgia?
Otalgia is not always associated with ear …

Upgrading to Electronic Health Records

Upgrading to Electronic Health Records

In the early 2000’s Windows XP and Internet Explorer were a dominant force in the market. Firefox was the new guy on the scene and companies didn’t know the name or trust it enough to adopt the browser. The Windows operating system came with a Web browser that did not require anyone to go out and find new technology.
Fast forward …

Skin Care : Beauty Tips

Skin Care : Beauty Tips

Skin has 3 layers : epidermis, dermis  and hypodermis. Epidermis the top most layer contains melanocytes which gives brown tint to the skin. Below it is dermis which has fibrous tissue , collagen and elastin. Hypodermis the deepest layer containing connective tissue and fat cells keeps the skin warm and protects it.
Types of Skin:

Normal: Fine textured , soft and smooth.
Dry: …

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