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IOM MD/MS Entrance MCQs Year 2014 Recalled

IOM MD/MS Entrance MCQs Year 2014 Recalled

Institute of Medicine, TUTH has always been a top choice for graduates in Medicine wanting to persue their further career in Nepal. The entrance exam is one of the most rated exams in Medical field. We have published the 196 out of 200 MCQs recalled by one of the doctors. We are all thankful for his endeavour and his will …

Sickle Cell Disease: A Primer

Sickle Cell Disease: A Primer

Sickle cell disease (SCD) or sickle cell anemia (SCA) is a hemoglobinopathy wherein abnormal hemoglobin is produced. It was first noted by James Herrick a medical student of African descent in 1911, when he discovered sickle-shaped erythrocytes while examining a student’s blood. Linus Pauling further categorized the disorder by noting that when the haemoglobin from an individual with sickle cell …

Myths vs Medicine – 5 shocking medical conditions

Myths vs Medicine – 5 shocking medical conditions

Myths that have persisted in our society due to superstition and lack of information and knowledge.
1. Myth of Frog Baby- explanation :Anencephaly
A baby with small head, flattened temple , propped out eyes and ratio of body that resembles an amphibian ” Frog” because of small head is believed in rural areas and many part of even developed world to be …

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