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Transpyloric plane of Addison: Significance of landmark

Transpyloric plane of Addison is an imaginary transverse plane lying halfway between the suprasternal notch or jugular notch (superior margins of the manubrium sterni) and the upper border of symphysis pubis, or approximately a hand’s breadth below the xiphoid. The pylorus of stomach may be located on this plane in the supine or prone positions, but in the erect (anatomical) position it descends to a lower level. It corresponds to vertebral level L1.

transpyloric plane Transpyloric plane of Addison: Significance of landmark

Transpyloric plane passes through:

  1. L1 (1st lumbar) vertebra
  2. Pylorus of stomach
  3. Neck of pancreas
  4. Duodenojejunal flexure
  5. Fundus of gall bladder
  6. Tip of 9th costal cartilage
  7. Hila of kidneys
  8. Origin of portal vein from superior mesenteric and splenic vein
  9. Root of transverse mesocolon
  10. 2nd part of duodenum
  11. Origin of superior mesenteric artery
  12. Hilum of spleen
  13. Termination of spinal cord

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Last updated: July 30, 2011

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