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Current situation of MD/MS seats for Doctors in Nepal.

  • October 5, 2019
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Current situation of MD/MS seats for Doctors in Nepal.

The main Universities that runs post-graduate courses in Nepal are, Tribhuvan University(TU), Kathmandu University(KU) and Academic Institutions like BPKIHS, Patan Academy of Health Sciences , National academy of Health sciences and few upcoming institutions.

Contractual post PG Bonds vs Private PG seats

With the introduction of government 2-3 years post PG Bonds into goverment intitutes like IOM, BPKIHS, NAMS and PAHS, that comes with free PG, the students who want to remain free of contractual bonds have opted PG in Private medical colleges of Kathmandu University and TU. KU has recently seen a surge in cream students joining private colleges due to Bond in Government Colleges. But joining KU and TU private colleges comes at cost of quality and reputation of the degree. Many students have dropped KU seats after joining in dissent of poor guidance and poor case exposure, more exploitation and miserable salary and facilitities. NAMS is entangled in issues of government versus non-government doctors.

The Common Entrance exam is in plan.

Like in India, Nepal had plans for common entrance exam in view of facilitating students the burden of repeated exams, travel cost, form cost and repeated counselings around the year, but the plan is less likely to be executed because of the profit that individual universities and institutes make from Forms in Entrances are more influential than benefit of students.

Number of Seats vs applicants and Rise of coaching centers

It is a well known fact that the number of students who pass MBBS finals greatly surpasses PG seats available. This has cause a gap in between number of applicants and seats and the gap is increasing despite more number of seats are now available in KU, TU, PAHS each year. This has caused an anxiety situation among the youngsters preparing for PG. In this context, many coaching centers and entrance preparation centers are mushrooming along the country. Once a self-prepared thing has now become a spoon-fed thing. Thanks to the influence of India.

Future after PG

Once getting into and completing PG, things just begin. The struggle to stay in the market in tough competetion is challeging thing. Just increasing PG seats does not solve the problem, the placement of the Graduates will be a huge problem in coming future.

DM and MCH, a local degree of India and Nepal

Beyong India and its influencosphere Nepal, DM and MCH is unheard of worldwide. The mainstream world follows a A proper Fellowship training in speciality field. A degree after a PG is unusual burden to the students. There is current craze for DM/MCH among Nepalese too, and it has become one way to standout in middle of the meddling crowd of MD/MS as well.

Seats in India and Abroads

Seats in India like AIIMS, PGI are best if one can stay out of nation for few years. They are well structured PG courses with immense case exposure and guidance of Iconic Professors and faculties. One will be of good demand any where. Pakistan provides PG seats and are a good option as well. While Bangladesh, China and Philipines have been having lot of issues currently.

Final verdict: Getting out of the Trap

Student needs to understand his need and plan his future in this field accordingly. Always priorities Degree upto MD/MS above job, one you are into job after MD-MS, secure your place. You an then have options of short courses, year-2 year fellowship programs or intensive academic degree DM-MCH as per your need and choice. Nowadays students prefer early DM-MCH after PG.

Dont forget you have Life

While following the degree after degree, don’t forget your life is limited and spend 40-50s years in study after study. Ultimately practice matters after PG, but more is family and life.

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