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Reasons why one hates becoming a Doctor

  • April 17, 2014
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Reasons why one hates becoming a Doctor

Think before you dream of becoming a doctor, probably its the most challenging and stressful profession.

If you are young, You are DISMISSED as inexperienced..
If old, DOUBTED to be outdated…!
If you take a decent fee, they may CONSIDER u as greedy..
If you take less, they may CONFUSE you for a quack…!
If you prescribe few medicines,they feel prescription is INCOMPLETE..
If you write too many, they choose to COMPLETE the course of vitamin, leaving the antibiotics course mid-way…!
If you give them too many investigation, they SUSPECT you do it for COMMISSION..
If you don’t, you are SUSCEPTIBLE to be sued for OMISSION…!
If you do not give them time, they feel you are not EMPATHETIC..
If you give them too much time, they fear your competence is PATHETIC as you seem to have only a few patients and ample time…!


Created by some medical students, worth sharing out
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  • he he…even i am d MBBS doctor..
    I know how that feels bro..

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