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The Most Effective Ways To Protect Against Covid-19

  • July 22, 2020
  • 3 min read
The Most Effective Ways To Protect Against Covid-19

There are some parts of the world where the coronavirus shows no signs of slowing down. And even in areas where the virus has been mostly contained, it could suddenly flare up again if people let their guard down.

Early on when researchers knew little about how the virus worked, there was conflicting information being presented. With the distance of a few months and lots of research having been done, it is not much more understood so advice on how to protect yourself is more accurate.

Luckily, the ways to protect yourself are not high tech and are fairly simple to implement and use on a daily basis. In this article, we will go over how to protect yourself from the coronavirus.

Use a mask

If everybody wears a mask then the spread of the virus is severely slowed down. Now, wearing a cloth mask or a simple surgical mask is not going to do much to protect you as it is meant to protect others in case you have the virus.

However the best anti-viral face mask to protect yourself is the N95 as it has a filter to block particles from entering when you breathe. 

Wash hands frequently

Washing your hands after being out and about as soon as you walk into your house is going to do a lot to keep you from infecting yourself with the virus. Everytime you touch something you are exposing yourself to risk that some droplets with the virus were on the surface.

And if you then touch other things in your home, you are spreading it around and will end up getting you sick. If you are mindful about washing your hands throughout the day then you will reduce the risk tremendously.

If you are out and about then make sure to sanitize your hands with an alcohol based product to kill any virus molecules that you may have touched. You never know when you’ll get a chance to properly wash your hands so this is the next best option.

Don’t touch your face

Scientists now know that the virus can enter your system through your eyes. Which means if you have hands that have touched a surface with the virus and then you touch your face, you are increasing the odds that it will get in through your eyes. 

This is when your hand sanitizer should come in handy as you will need to scratch your face at some point during the time you are out of the house. It can’t really be avoided. So, if you have to touch your face for any reason before you’ve washed your hands, make sure to sanitize them with some gel before you go to scratch or rub your eyes.

Avoid crowded places

When a lot of people are confined to a small space, even if they are wearing masks, then there is a higher chance of contracting the virus. Remember that you can have it enter through the eyes so if any droplets are circulating then you may end up exposed.

The best way forward is to avoid anyplace with lots of people indoors so stay away from concerts, rallies, sporting events and lectures where lots of people will congregate.

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