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How to cope and treat alcohol dependence

  • August 2, 2021
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How to cope and treat alcohol dependence

Alcohol dependence is nothing to be ashamed of. It can be easy to fall into as you can associate the good feeling of relaxation with a nice cold beer. But this can be a destructive path. This chronic illness can include symptoms like an intense need for alcohol. Approximately 17 million adults over the age of 18 suffer from alcohol use. However, there are numerous treatments and ways in which to cope with alcohol dependence and this article will hopefully give you some new ideas if you are struggling. 

Signs of a problem

This is a problem that can be diagnosed by a doctor or by your friends and family pointing out changes in your behavior. Doctors will usually ask a similar set of questions. Do you experience a craving for alcohol? Has it affected your work or social life? Has it caused problems with your family and friends? Can’t stop drinking or have failed to cut down? If these symptoms are showing in your personal life, then you may already have cause for concern.

Options for treatment

There are numerous options for treatment. One of the more obscure ones is Ketamine. Ketamine is showing promise in the treatment of alcohol addiction. Described as a ‘club drug’, research has indicated that, along with other treatments, ketamine could help people decrease people’s alcohol intake. As it acts as an antidepressant, ketamine may take away the need for alcohol and can ensure that those who want to reduce their intake may not feel the need to go back to the alcohol.

Traditional Methods

Behavioral treatments- These are aimed at changing drinking behavior through professional counseling. They are led by studies and health professionals to guide you through your choices and help you choose better options to deal with your problems.

Medications- Three medications are approved in the United States to help people stop and reduce their drinking. They are prescribed by a primary care physician or other health professionals. They are often used in conjunction with counseling or other treatments

Support Groups- Groups like Alcoholics Anonymous and others like it can provide peer support for people struggling to quit or cut back. This can provide a healthy network of support for people who are going through the same struggles. It can also help you to maintain your anonymity so that you don’t feel the pressure or shame of talking about your problems.


One way in which to combat the dependency that alcohol has placed on you, is to replace the addiction with something else. Exercise is one of the easiest things to get into and create a habit out of. Not only this but it will help you get into better physical shape as well. You can create a really good habit whilst getting rid of a bad one.

Alcohol Dependency

This is nothing to be ashamed of. You should explore as many options as possible to find which one works for you. Try a variety of options and you will be able to kick the habit and improve your lifestyle.

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