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How does collagen formation help in eczema scar prevention?

  • July 22, 2017
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How does collagen formation help in eczema scar prevention?

Eczema scars can be very persistent, and it is not easy to get rid of such scars or prevent them.
However, there are certain natural remedies, and you can rely on them to ensure that the
scarring is less. One of the best natural remedies to eczema scar is collagen. When the body
produces enough collagen naturally, the scars of any kind become faint over time. Here we are
going to give you detailed information about the various ways in which the collagen formation
in your body can ensure that eczema scars fade with time.

What is a collagen ?
A harsh and fibrous protein that is insoluble and hard enough, collagen forms one-third of the
protein in a human body. This is a ubiquitous protein that is found in every mammal. This
particular protein is available in abundance in connective tissues, skins, and bones of the
human anatomy. There are various types of collagen, and one can find as many as 16 different
types of collagen in the body. It is responsible for supporting your bone structure and muscle

Benefits of collagen
One of the major effectiveness of collagen is that it prevents wrinkling of the skin and sagging
as well. There are cellulite issues and joint and bone pains which are prevented when the body
produced enough collagen. Collagen is also helpful in closing various types of flesh wounds.
Hence when the collagen naturally occurs, it also helps with getting rid of eczema scars. It also
helps in drastically improving the skin, nail and hair growth by generating new cells.

Why eczema scars need collagen?
Like any scars, eczema scars also have three phases- inflammatory phase, proliferative phase,
and maturation phase. During each phase, the structure of the scar changes until the body
starts rebuilding the skin fiber and thus reduces the depth of the scar and in turn, it becomes
less visible. If your immune system is healthy, then the collagen formation for your body would
also be rapid and smooth. This would help with quickening the healing process as well.

What hampers collagen formation?
However, there are certain factors which can disrupt the normal collagen formation of the
body. The factors include fundamental issues like the aging process, high inflammation level of
the body, lack of protein in your body, and smoking are some of the major reasons why the
collagen formation is disrupted. While you cannot prevent or control the reasons like age, by
taking care of your body and changing your lifestyle and food habits, you can lead a healthy life
which would, in turn, ensure your natural body vitality is retained.

How to increase collagen level?
You can increase your daily level of vitamin C intake. Having collagen from beef and chicken
bone broth is an excellent way to increase the usual level of collagen in your body. There are
collagen supplements which are available at drugstores which you can opt for.

Author Bio: The writer of the article, Mandy Bular has done extensive research on collagen and
its formation. She has suggested that one can Stop Itchy feel of eczema scars by increasing
collagen level in the body.

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