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MBBS Internship : Planning will make you distinct

  • August 19, 2015
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MBBS Internship : Planning will make you distinct

After Years of Hardship, after the claimed most difficult examination, after years of being worms of book, the entry into the rotatory internship releases the all the dead energy and refresintern doctorhes students and we often enjoy intership in general. Gone are the days of sleepless readings, gone are the exams, gone are the classes, your first stipend is right ahead and you enter hospital as a Doctor for the first time, with Clean apron, polished shoes, Creased pants and a pair of stethoscope. You start handling patient directly and with responsibility, you get hands on on procedures and cardex, and everything might just pull your enthusiasm.


So, what do interns do during this 1 year period?

6 type of Interns and what they do-

1.  Hippies – Take a break from years of hardwork and take it easy for a year. After that more hardship to go through.

2. Enthus-  Enthusiastically learn, attend evening rounds and hunger for learning never ends.

3. Sporty- Skip the posting, duties, pile it upon the mates and enjoy long breaks in Trips, Treks, Hiking and travel.

4. Visionary- Start working in Public sector , involve in NGOs, INGOs, organize health camps.

5. Geeks- Add experience to Profile like, Writing Books, Learn languages, Learn IT, Researches and Publish articles.

6. The Nerds: Prepare for the next step, PG entrance, USMLE steps or PLAB.


So How important is this one Year?

1 year= 365 days X hours X minutes becomes a big number. It is in my opinion the most valuable period.

1. A Bonus Year for those who start preparing for PG and USMLE steps. Actually it is an add on to your life years. and only for those who wants to work hard today for an easier tomorrow.

2. An evaluation year for those who seek to know their potential and area of interest, Surgery? Medicine? Gyne? Pediatrics? Psychiatry? ENT? Opth? or Basic Science or Community?

3. A Gift year to those who publish case reports, Researches with seniors or under guidance of professors, as after that you may rarely have time or opportunity .

4. A year of Learning for those who seek to work after Internship to master few procedures and to gain the confidence.

5. A Glorious year for those who seek to see world outside medicine, Love , Roam, Party, Travel and have fun and loads of fun.

6. A booster to the people who start alternative careers in Book Writing, IT, Blogging, Music, Literature and many more


What should you actually do?

As an intern, first find out your priorities. Can you afford to lose a year ? Check and Balance Priorities. Things are getting tougher and competition is getting tougher. Adding something to you will give you a plus point in your career. If you are good at research, you may find success through it simply.

But the most intelligents of the people I have seen, are smarter than rest, I have seen them plan their future during this period. Some Prepare materials and get in touch with the USMLE, if you can get a Step 1 at the end or soon after the internship, you are almost a year ahead in the career.

Think wisely, Choice is yours and Finally, everything depends on our Own Priority, sometimes taking a good break may refresh you for a coming long days of Study.



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