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10 Places where you can study Effectively: Students Guide

  • November 5, 2021
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10 Places where you can study Effectively: Students Guide

Studying is a part of Student life and when it comes to Medicine, it is life. At times, things become very dull when you do not change your study settings. So here are a list of places with in your reach where you can study and study effectively. And if you missed, How to Motivate yourself to Study.

  1. Your Study Room: The most important portion of your time will be spent here. From the anxious moments of exam to relax times when you study with music on.  Rearrange your room in interval of time to refresh your mood.
  2. Your Bed: Bed is the most relaxing place for long hours study. You can study in several different ways, sitting, lying…
  3. Your Friends room: Bored of studying and getting monotonous, go to your friends study room and study on your own or discuss. It is a relaxing feeling as well as just the feeling of having a company will boost your mood. Make sure the friend is not a freak.
  4. Library: As it is said, an hour spent in library is equal to 2 hours studying in room. Library is far the most effective and speedy place to study. During exams it will even allay your anxiety when you study in library.
  5. Balcony: A gush of fresh air and a view of far away tree will make things least dull, and keep your mind fresh. Balcony is always a favorite study place for students.
  6. Terrace: Reading on foot at a terrace is an excellent relaxation. Book in hand and walk slowly around terrace reading, specially before exam. Make sure you don’t have hazard of falling 😀
  7. Cafeteria: In a school or College Café, you can sip up some coffee, tea and study in a relaxed way. A feeling of it being and add on time , relaxes you during exams.
  8. Garden:  A near by garden with a place to study will be the next place you may seek. Nature is best place for studying.
  9. Computer Desk:  Open up your relevant website, audio-visual, Laptops and Desktops are best companion for quick study.
  10. And the Final is you Bus/Car- last moment memorizing always occurs here.
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