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Best Practice Question Banks for Step 1 USMLE

  • February 10, 2022
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Best Practice Question Banks for Step 1 USMLE

USMLE is needs an endurance training. It is a marathon of studies and exams. Even the best students can fail USMLE without getting properly tuned to the timings and exam system. It is an on-screen 8 hours exam and probably the difficult most exam in the world..

So why do you need to practice questions for USMLE?

  1. Most of the question resources like Uworld, Amboss, Rx has similar interface as given in exam. With the question style, calculators, lab reference values etc and option style , that will help you get accustomed to the exam interface.
  2. Helps you plan your timing. One question you will have 90 seconds and no more than that, so you must time it well to do 40 questions of the block in 60 minutes. So interface also trains you to time and also shows your speed analysis.
  3. Helps you assess your knowledge on the subjects and analysis can help you know your weak fields where you will need to focus revisions on.
  4. And most important of all: Questions are the best learning resource. With infinite information on the field, question train you with concepts and lets you know the high yield things in organized way.

What types of Question are you tested with?

  1. Single step Answer . Bacteria causing meningitis in Barrack?
  2. Two step question. A bacteria causes meningitis. What antibiotic will you use to treat it?
  3. Three step Question. A bacteria causes meningitis in young adult. An antiobiotic is prescribed against the bacteria and the patient develops rash after 2 weeks, what is the rash mediated by?
  4. Experimental Questions: A mice was given drug X which cant on cell wall of bacteria and dies , what is finding in autopsy?
  5. Mathematics question- Inheritance, Biostats.
  6. Communication questions and ethics

What are the best resources available for practicing questions?

  1. UWORLD USMLE- it is the King resource and is widely used by students. It has long conceptual questions which will brain storm you and make you think. You can use it as learning resource as well.
  2. AMBOSS: This is another best resource for students. There are highlighted clues and answers are backed by more straightforward reasonings. Explanations using mnemonics and even pictures, which seemed best about amboss. It is rising in popularity , but still 2nd in rank.
  3. USMLERx Qmax- These are pretty straightforeward questions and help you in memorizing the first aid , rather than exam training. Use it with Rx Flash cards.
  4. NBMEs- Essential to assess your readiness for exams and are pretty predictive of your performance for exam.
  5. Free 120- on ECFMG website.
  6. Medbullet MCQs
  7. and more

Use question banks to train self for the exam and as well as to consolidate your knowledge on the topics. What most students do is, FA and Uworld together so they can complement each other.

Must for USMLE. Eye protection is must while doing questions on screen for prolonged periods.


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