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Dental Injuries in Kids: What Parents Need to Know

  • March 26, 2022
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Dental Injuries in Kids: What Parents Need to Know

Even though teeth are known to be the strongest part of our human body, tooth injuries are common and can happen anytime, especially with children. Children often engage in activities like playing outside and biting random objects which sometimes can lead to tooth injuries, learn more from t}his Eugene Kids Dentist

A teeth injury in children can be traumatic, causing pain and discomfort. Tooth bleeding, knocked out tooth can scare children and hence it’s important that parents know what to do to soothe the child during this crucial time. 

While going to a dentist is recommended, it’s always better if parents know what kind of tooth injury their child is suffering from and what they can do to help them. 

  • Injuries to the teeth – 

Multiple factors are responsible for traumatic dental injuries but usually with children, the most common causes of tooth injuries are fights, sports-related dental injuries, and sometimes accidents. These injuries can affect your child’s teeth in multiple ways. In this article, we’ve explained these teeth injuries in detail to make it easier for you to identify what your child is going through and decide what to do next. 

  1. Knocked-Out Tooth – 

Also known as an avulsed tooth, knocked-out teeth causes bleeding.  According to a research, more than 5 million children’s teeth get knocked out every year. This usually happens when there is an accident involving the face. 

For example, a ball getting hit straight on the teeth can often result in bleeding and teeth getting knocked out. In cases like these, it is recommended that you take your children to a pediatric dentist like one of the Pediatric Dentists in Cleveland, OH, so they can receive proper treatment.  

  1. Object Caught in Teeth – 

Children put all sorts of food and objects in their mouth. Foods like chocolates, popcorn kernels, and often get stuck between the teeth. While this doesn’t cause any pain, it sometimes causes discomfort in children. You can use dental floss or a toothpick to gently remove the food stuck between your child’s teeth. If this doesn’t help, take your child to the dentist, since there are professionals like dentist Ventura which can help with this.

  1. Broken, Chipped, or Fractured Tooth – 

Having a broken, fractured, or chipped tooth is common and mostly happens due to excessive force used to bite on hard food/objects or direct injuries to the mouth. This often results in swelling, and it can be controlled by using a cold compress on the outer area of your child’s mouth. If this doesn’t solve the problem, visiting a dentist is recommended. 

  1. Loose Tooth – 

Loose tooth is common in children. When a child has a loose tooth, the slightest touch can cause the tooth to move. This usually happens when children are about to lose their milk teeth. Once milk teeth are lost, the new teeth develop within a few months. Hence, natural loss of tooth shouldn’t worry you at all.  

  1. Toothache – 

Toothache causes sudden tooth pain or discomfort around one tooth or several teeth. This can happen due to tooth decay, gum infection, or a tooth fracture. Toothache can also lead to symptoms like feeling pain while biting, headache, and swelling. If your child is having a toothache, it’s best to consult a dentist.  

  1. Bitten Lip or Tongue – 

If your child accidentally bites their lip or tongue, they will experience extreme pain. You apply pressure and rinse the wounded area with cold water to numb the pain or stop it from bleeding.  

  1. Broken Jaw – 

A broken jaw is an injury or fracture to your child’s jawbone. This usually happens when there are falls, sports-related injuries, or road incidents. Having a broken jaw is painful and in some cases, it also results in a knocked-out tooth. Treating this at home isn’t possible. Take your child to a dentist to ensure proper treatment.

Final words,

As a parent you have the knowledge what are the tooth injuries and what can you do as a precaution and cure for it. Consider visiting to a dentist for any kind of tooth injuries.

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