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Medical student’s short story : Room on rent

  • June 27, 2016
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Medical student’s short story : Room on rent

It was the day before joining. Ravi had been crazy about joining MBBS. He has rented a room for next 5 years from an agency. The house was located just below the hill and behind a bushy old tree. It was an old three-storeyed house where he had rented a room in second floor. Ground-floor was a carpet factor that had been shut down during Civil war. Nearest house was a minute walk away, still the house seemed  so isolated. Ravi had economic issues after dealing with the huge donation needed to join a private medical college.

Ravi walks to the house. There were two MBBS students who were already staying on rent in the same flat. He walked up stairs to second floor. With eyes full of aspiration and mind full of dreams , he rang the door bell.. Ting Ding….. Ting Ding….. After a while, he hears footsteps, a young guy appears and open the door for him. The guy seems to have just awaken and had difficulty facing the light.

” Hello, sir I am Ravi” smiles Ravi and forwards his hands for warm greetings.

” Hello, I am Swapna , and I am a second year guy in MBBS, are you a new comer?” Swapna asks. Swapna had been living in the flat  for more than a year. He was a bit introvert, and remained secluded most times. Aman was another guy in 2nd year living in the flat. He was in his room, busy on laptop. ” Hello, I am Aman, what’s your name?” he asks.

Ravi: I am Ravi, came to join you guys in this flat

Aman: How did you find the house?

Ravi: A bit in rustic area, but i love the peace here, I can even hear the wind blowing.



Aman: Welcome to the club. So how about a welcome party to the new guy, Swapna?

Swapna: Great , lets get some stuffs and drinks.

Ravi: I will get a nap in my room.

Ravi entered his room. It had one window and was clean. He threw himself on the bed. His stare caught a frame on the wall. There was a man, a woman and seems other were their children. Strangely 2 other chairs were empty and he couldn’t figure out why. He felt strange.

Whole day the three people had a crazy time. They talked about their background, the MBBS courses, the dreams and many more things. Then all of a sudden silent struck when Aman asks ” Aren’t you scared of dead bodies, Anatomy dissections are on real bodies”

Ravi ( smiling ) : I am not. Though i have a passion for ghost stories.

Swapna: But this house is haunted, Thank god, we have a brave company

Ravi: Haunted?? What kind of haunted??

Swapna ( smiling) : Are you already scared? Nothing as such, but the upper flat is closed down permanently. “Pooja” is done yearly to calm the disturbance. As the night falls you shall face it, so i wont tell you and be a matter of fun for now.

Ravi; Haha, sure lets feel the Fear. ( Ravi mocks)

It was 7 pm and the air had some weird smell. A feeling of doom was starting to surround the walls of the house and Ravi started feeling heavy. Still he was a brave guy and wasn’t scared at all. As night deepened, there were sounds of dishes being washed, then grinding sounds. Pulling of chairs and some one running around. Everything was coming from the upper floor.

Swapna: This is what I was talking about. Aman gets really disturbed because of this. We tried shifting out but it doesn’t let us leave. We are trapped here.

Aman: Ravi, I am sorry but we joined like you and we haven’t been able to attend the college for even a day, She doesn’t like us going out of here.

Ravi starts sweating. ” you guys are scaring me. Stop this ragging now”

Both Aman and Ravi burst into laughter. ” Ok, Ok, end this joke”

Ravi: Can you tell me why this upper flat is locked?

Aman: There was a family. 6 people, father , mother and their 4 children. They loved their children like anything. But one day they lost all 4 children in a carbon monoxide poisoning in winter day. Parents were very guilty and felt extreme remorse and they committed suicide by  hanging. Since then, they say, activities have been noticed by neighbours on the upper storey. So the owner locked it up after “pooja” and never opened it again.

Ravi: Hey, I know how to call the spirit, we do it for fun but never had been successful. Lets try it here. We could find the real story and answer to why there is nuisance in this house. After all we gotta live her for several years now.

The three agreed and prepared the room. Switched off the light and lighted a candle. An old square coin and an night_close_small_0 They sat on triangle fashion to create the Satan’s power circle. They went too far may be with this thing. So they started decoying the dead. ” Who are you, come down and tell us your story…..” after minutes, foots steps were heard. Some one was coming downstairs for real. A ring ” Ting ding….”

The three people were gravely scared now , but still concentrated because they knew, once it had come, they had to send it back, or else….

Ravi slowly opened his eyes, saw candle light swaying with breeze. He found himself alone. Both friends were gone. Scared and sweating, his hands trembled. He looked around and saw … Aman and Swapna were sleeping on the wall, a vertical wall!!!!!! in a deep sleep with blanket and pillow as well.  Then he looked up to the ceiling, but saw beds, chairs and tables. And looked around to find himself sitting on the ceiling instead…


Ravi was awestruck and thought how , what… he was utterly confused and felt coldness over this back. He felt someone was holding him from behind.


Trrrrrr…. trrr……

Alarm goes off….

Ravi wakes up in sweat, it was almost noon. ” Whoo, what a nightmare”. He runs to other rooms. It was first day of his MBBS school. He found his friends were still sleeping. ” What a hangover, that Vodka with mint and lemon, what a combination”.

He sighs and decides to join in from next day.

Aman comes to his room. ” Awake mate?, we are getting our last flat mate today, our flat will be complete now.”

Ravi:  He must be my batch mate, when is he coming to stay here?

Aman:  Today.

Ravi lied down calmly as he stared on the same frame on the wall. Only thing that choked him was that he saw the man, the woman and the 3 sons in the old photo. There was an empty chair on the side as if it was waiting for someone to join in”


Then the Bell goes “ting ding”

Hello , I am Naveen. I have rented a room here……..

Gigles were heard from the upper floor.


[ A short movie could be made from the story. Please ask for permission from Medchrome if you plan to use the script]

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