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10 times Teachers couldn’t Stop laughing

  • August 15, 2015
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10 times Teachers couldn’t Stop laughing

10 Real times, Student made their teachers crazy. These are collection of real incidents in Medical schools.

1. The Four Headed Muscle-

Which muscle has 4 heads : Forceps!!!

Medical funny 2

2. Yes the most important cause :

Cause of decrease Functional residual capacity? – Lead Apron ?


3. That is what I call to be a Doctor’s History taking :

Short hand notes during history taking
History taking funny 5

4. Student asked By Teacher about Performance in Exam, get right on :3

ed funny

5. Teacher Failed in this Viva :

This time, the teacher failed lol.
med funny 3

6. I am a half- Cardiologistbreath sound joke

7. Facebook Effect on Current Medical students-

med funny

8. This Student Persuades the Child until it fails and then….

angry studnet

9. And the most Common one


10. And the Real thing that happened…  See The Famous Biscuit Incident

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