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What Doctors Do on a Christmas eve?

  • December 24, 2014
  • 2 min read
What Doctors Do on a Christmas eve?

Its around the end of another year, but before than Christmas celebrations are here. Doctors are not all lucky enough to celebrate it with the family. Lets look at what happens at Hospitals and what doctors do at Christmas.


Dr Jones has just Entering the Operation theater








Mr Black is still stressed for coming Final exams









Dr House is On duty solving a difficult case








Senior consultant Wilson has decided to take a walk around the hospital and relieve stress.

images (1)









Some Resident Doctors have just Celebrated it, in the Hospital









He just had to cancel the Dinner with his Fiance









He just has signed in Skype to talk with his family.









They are still at an event more vital than any Christmas..

images (2)








At least Rest are Warm and Happy at home celebrating Christmas with family.

images (3)








I am thankful to all my colleagues for their devotion and sacrifices of social life.

The End

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