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COVID-19 & Self Isolation: How to Keep Your Family and Yourself Covered?

  • July 28, 2020
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COVID-19 & Self Isolation: How to Keep Your Family and Yourself Covered?

COVID-19 pandemic has taken over the world by storm. People are forced to stay inside and segregatethemselves from loved ones. With each passing day, COVID-19 cases in India see a new spike taking the total count to more than 7.9 lacs. While the recovery rate remains high, it has created ruckus in the life of people since its inception in the country. Considering its quick spread, many people are also resorting to buying health insurance to save themselves from high treatment costs.

Guidelines rolled out by the Government of India help keepeveryone’s family safe. The stringent rules mainly affect people who have recently travelled within or outside India. In such cases, self-isolation becomes acrucial practice to safeguard your family from getting infected – incase you have come in contact withan infected person.

There are many practices you can follow to ensure the safety of your family and you during these times of crisis. 

  1. Practice Social Distancing& Wear Masks

Social distancing remains an essential aspectto protect yourself and others. It is one of the easiest and crucial ways tosafeguardyour family during this pandemic. You mustkeepa minimum 6 feet distance from people around you and wear masks when stepping out of your home. 

Also, it would help if you only step out of your house for work and not leisure as it can increase your chances of getting infected.Bypractising social distancing while wearing masks, you can help flatten the curve and safeguard your family.

  1. Self-isolate If You Have Recently Travelled

Self-isolation is mandatory for people who have recently travelled to places of virus concentration. Besides, individuals showing symptoms or have recently come in contact withCOVID-19 positive personmust isolate themselves. It is crucial for themselves and the safety of their family, including the neighbourhood.

  1. Buy Health Insurance

Health insurance has become a crucial aspect during this pandemic. The high costs of COVID-19 treatment have led everyone towards purchasing coronavirus insurance. As health insurance addresses the financial needs of a person for all medical reasons, India has seen a spike in its purchasing numbers.It alsooffers protection against significant medical bills and various other advantages.

While having health insurance is crucial, it is equally important to buy it from a reliable insurer.You can purchase health insurance from reputable companies like Tata AIG that offer comprehensive coverage through theirplans.Tata AIG also has an excellent claim-settlement ratio of the health insurance policies offered.

  1. Sanitize Your Premises Regularly

Besides taking social distancing and other general precautions, you should also sanitize your premises regularly using virus disinfectant. It becomes crucial for people who are living in places where COVID-19 cases are significant.You can also make it an engaging activity during weekends and save your family from monotony.

  1. Wash Hands Often& Keep Clean

Washing hands is essential with and without COVID-19. Rub your hands with soap for 20 seconds minimum and rinse with water.Doing this will help maintain a clean environment for your children’s safety.

Apart from this, talking to your children about the pandemic and its various positive and negative effects can also make them aware of it.

Stay Informed About COVID-19 & Safeguard Yourself

Due to COVID-19 diseases, changes have occurred in lifestyle and economy
worldwide. Since Unlock 1.0, India has witnesseda slow rise in economic activities
and the movement of people. But it is crucial to note that stepping outside your home
can risk you getting infected; therefore, it must be limited for work or essential needs

Spend this time with your family and follow the steps mentioned above to ensure
safety of your family and you. Follow COVID-19 guidelines and stay informed at all
stages.Together, everyone can help flatten the curve.

Article by – V Chauhan

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