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10 Medical school parody songs: music video

  • February 10, 2016
  • 1 min read
10 Medical school parody songs: music video

Doctors often have a busy schedule and a dull monotonous life? Not always the case.When we take the break, we break the youtube. Here are 10 most entertaining medical professional’s parodies on youtube. Enjoy the videos.

Best Medical videos
http://videos.medchrome.com ” Medchrome-TUBE”

1.I  Don’t Know “Let It Go” from Frozen: – Med School Parody

2. Rolling in the Deep : Adele Parody Medical school

3.Study May be- Medical parody

4.What does spleen do? Medical Song

5. Somebody that I used to know- Parody

6. Anaconda- Medical edition

7. Rap Battle Internal Medicine vs Orthopedic surgery

8. Look at me now- Medical student version

9.Grand round style- Gangnam parody

10.Only- Nicki Minaj Parody

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