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Nepalgunj Medical College Teaching Hospital, Minor questions

  • December 18, 2009
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Nepalgunj Medical College Teaching Hospital

7the Sem. Examination


Subject:- ENT

Section – “A”

  1. A 30 years old female presented with chronic progressive hearing loss, tinnitus worsen during pregnancy.
    1. What is the Diagnosis ?
    2. Etiology and clinical features
    3. Audiological investigation and treatment
    4. Write short notes
      1. Impedance mechanism of middle ear
      2. Menier’s disease
      3. Lateral sinus thrombophlebitis
      4. Organ of corti
      5. Differentiate

CSOM Tubotympanic type and Atticoantral type

Section – “B”

  1. Classify chronic specific rhinitis. Give etiopathogenesis, clinical features and treatment of Rhinoscleroma.
  2. Write differences between
    1. Antrochoanal polyp and Ethmoidal polyp
    2. Acute frontal sinusitis and acute maxillary sinusitis
    3. A . Draw a labeled diagram of nasal septum.

B. Blood supply of nasal septum

Section – “C”

  1. Classify Tonsillitis. Describe the various etiologies for membranous tonsillitis.
  2. Describe the cause of hoarseness of voice. Describe etiology, clinical features and treatment of glottis carcinoma.
  3. Write short notes on
    1. Juvenile nasopharyngeal angiofibroma
    2. Intrinsic muscles of larynx and their functions

Subject:- Ophthalmology

Section – “A”

  1. Define refractive error. What are the different types of refractive errors ? Outline the management of MYOPIA.
  2. A. Enumerate four causative organisms for membranous conjunctivitis. Describe the clinical feature and management of Acute membranous conjunctivitis.

B. Describe briefly the clinical features and treatment of Hypopyon corneal ulcer.

  1. Describe briefly:
    1. Etiology and clinical features of Acute anterior uveitis (iridocyclites)
    2. Etiology and treatment of Senile cataract

Section – “B”

  1. Describe the diagnostic triad of primary Open angle Glaucoma
  2. A. Describe fundus changes of diabetic retinopathy.

B. Discuss Retinoblastoma

  1. Enumerate the causes of uniocular proptosis. Describe the clinical features and management or orbital cellulitis.

Section – “C”

  1. An epidemic or Red eye had just begun in a Primary School. What steps will you take to prevent the spread of the disease ?
  2. What is Commitant Squint ? What are its adaptive mechanism ? How will you differentiate commitant squint from a non commitant squint ?
  3. Draw and label normal Lacrimal drainage system. Describe lacrimal pump failure.

Subject – Com. Med.

Section – “A”

  1. What is experimental epidemiology ? Describe methods and importance of randomization.
  2. What is Tuberculosis Control Programme ? Describe the mechanism of multi drug resistant tuberculosis. What is DOTs Plus ? Give recommendation for drug therapy in Nepali DOTs Plus project.
  3. Describe the approaches and strategies adopted under National Vector Borne Diseases Control Programme by MOH Nepal for
    1. Case detection
    2. Treatment
    3. Prevention and control of diseases concerned

Section – “B”

  1. List nutritional disorders prevalent in Nepal. In this context how. Would you intervene for safe motherhood and better survival for infants as envisaged by MOH Nepal in its National Health Policy.
  2. What is CB-IMCI according to MOH Nepal. What are the various preventive and control measures for reduction in high morbidity and mortality in children under five years of age.
  3. Describe risk factors, preventive and rehabilitative measures for rheumatic heart disease.

Section – “C”

  1. Describe the organization of Healty delivery system in Nepal from Ministry of Health to Sub Health Post and its staffing pattern.
  2. Write short notes on:
    1. Planning cycle
    2. Epidemiology of road traffic accidents
    3. Measures for early detection of Cancer

Subject:- Forensic Medicine

Section – “A”

  1. Define Rape. What are unnatural sexual offences ? Write about sexual perversions.
  2. Write briefly on:
    1. Hallucination
    2. Examination in chief and cross examination
    3. Mediolegal importance of pregnancy

Section – “B”

  1. Define injury. Classify mechanical injuries. Write the grievous injury of Indian and Nepal Separately.
  2. Give the Differences between
    1. Wound of entrance and wound of exit in a fire arm wound
    2. Anti mortem hanging and post mortem hanging

Section – “C”

  1. Describe mode of action of Organo phosphorous poison. Give the symptoms manifested in Organo Phosphorous toxicity and line of treatment also.
  2. Write notes on:
    1. Hatters shake tremers
    2. Risus sardonicus
    3. Delirum tremens

Semester Examination June 2009

9th Semester

Subject:- Medicine & Alide I

Section – “A”

  1. A 50 year old man is admitted with central chest pain of few hrs duration. List possible causes. How will you arrive at diagnosis?
  2. A. What are the diagnostic criteria of Acute Rheumatic fever ? What prophylactic treatment you will give and how long?

B. Describe high altitude sickness. What advice you will give to trekker?

  1. Write briefly:
    1. Pellagra
    2. Atrial fibrillation
    3. Erythema Nodosum

Section – “B”

  1. Describe the classification and diagnostic criteria of Diabetes mellitus. Outline treatment for type II diabetes mellitus.
  2. A. Enumerate the causes of Acute Renal failure. Outline its management

B. What are Nosocomial Pneumonias. List the management.

  1. Write note on:
    1. Cutaneous lesions of SLE
    2. Hypokalemia
    3. Disease modifying drugs used for Rheumatoid arthritis

Subject- Medicine & Alide II

Section – “A”

  1. Describe the pathogenesis, clinical features of tubercular meningitis. Outline its management
  2. A. Enumerate the clinical features of Psoriasis. How will you manage a young adult Presenting you as case of Psoriasis.

B. Describe clinical manifestation of infection with HIV

  1. Write brief notes on:
    1. Management of Status epilepticus
    2. Anti ameobic drugs
    3. Obsessive compulsive neurosis

Section – “B”

  1. Enumerate Myeloproliferative syndromes. Describe the clinical features and management of any one of them.
  2. A. List the signs of portal hypertension. What are pharmacological and non pharmacological means to stop bleeding from ruptured oesophageal varices?

B. Describe the pathogenesis and treatment of H. pyloric infection

  1. Write notes on:
    1. Clinical features and treatment of organo phosphorus poisoning
    2. X-Linked inheritance with example
    3. Cerebral malaria

Subject:- Surgery & Alide I

Section – “A”

  1. Discuss the clinical features and investigations of a case of Carcinoma head of Pancreas. Describe the surgical treatment of such a case.
  2. A. Discuss the differential diagnosis of lump in the right iliac fossa.

B. What is Crush syndrome and how do you manage it?

  1. Write short notes on:
    1. Electrolytes imbalance in GOO
    2. 1st 24 hrs fluid requirement of 70% burns in a 70 kg man.
    3. Mismatched blood transfusion

Section – “B”

  1. A 55 yra old lady resented with a solitary thyroid nodule
    1. A what could be the causes
    2. What investigations are to be done
    3. Write down the treatment of the Papillary Carcinoma of the thyroid
  1. A. Discuss the complications of a gall stone.

B. Enumerate the differences between the Carcinoma of the left and the right side of the Colon.

  1. Write short notes on:
    1. Hutchinson’s pupil (Head injury)
    2. Tumour Markers
    3. Indications of Surgery in Coronary Artery disease

Subject – Surgery & Alide II

Section – “A”

  1. A Patient, 60 yrs old presents with haematuria
    1. What could be the cause ?
    2. What investigations are required ?
    3. What is the treatment of Wilm’s tumour ?
    4. A. How don you manage a case of injury of anterior urethra

B. Describe the X-Ray findings of :

i. Intestinal obstruction

ii. Barium swallow in ca oesophagus

iii. Pneumo thorax

  1. Write short notes on:
    1. Complications of General Anaesthesia
    2. Mammography
    3. Sub mucous fibrosis

Section – “B”

  1. Describe the pathology, clinical features and treatment  of the Septic arthritis of hop
  2. A. Describe the radiological signs in
    1. i.      Rickets
    2. ii.      Tuberculosis spine
    3. iii.      Ewings Sarcoma

B. Classify fracture femoral neck (Intra capsular) an mention the problems associated with it.

  1. Write short notes on:
    1. Wrist drop
    2. Compartment syndrome
    3. Colle’s fracture

Subject:- Paediatrics

Section – “A”

  1. Discuss the etiology, clinical features & management of a case of nutritional rickets.
  2. Discuss the milestones at 9 months of age in a healthy child.
  3. Enumerate the live attenuated vaccines & mention their contra indications.

Section – “B”

  1. Write short notes on:
    1. Prevention of Hypothermia
    2. Handicaps of a pre term baby
    3. Hypoglycemia in a new born baby
    4. Perinatal mortality

Section – “C”

  1. A 4 yrs old girl presented with low grade fever, intermittent cramping, abdominal pain with vomiting & swelling of knees of 3 days duration. There is multiple raised petechial rash over extremities & trunk.
    1. What is the most likely diagnosis
    2. Mention investigations to diagnose it
    3. How will you mange the child & what is the prognosis
  1. What is modified Jones criteria of diagnosis of acute Rheumatic fever. How will you investigate & treat a case presenting with Arthritis and Carditis.
  2. Write short answer on
    1. Halicobacter pylori infection
    2. Cretinism
    3. Haemophia A
    4. Black water fever

Section – “D”

  1. Define & list the causes of Anaphylaxis. How will you manage a case of anaphylactic shock.
  2. Write short notes on:
    1. Key signs of dehydration
    2. Iron poisoning
    3. Management of acute exacerbation of bronchial asthma

Subject:- Obst & Gynae

Section – “A”

  1. Define P.P.H. Enumerate high risk factors for development of P.P.H. how would you manage a case of Primary P.P.H.
  2. Write short notes on:
    1. BISHOP’S Score
    2. Coagulation failure in Obstetrics
    3. Hypotonic uterine inertia

Section – “B”

  1. Describe an eclamptic convulsion. How would you manage a case of antepartum eclampsia ?
  2. Write short notes on:
    1. Prophylaxis against Rh iso Immunization
    2. Band’s ring
    3. Role of ultra sound in Obstetrics

Section – “C”

  1. Enumerate causes of post menopausal bleeding. How would you investigate a case of early carcinoma cervix.
  2. Write notes on:
    1. Cu T 380
    2. Chocolate cyst
    3. Enumerate methods of detection of ovulation

Section – “D”

  1. How would you investigate a case of Primary amenorrhea
  2. Write notes on:
    1. Trichomonal vaginitis
    2. Advantages and disadvantage of H.R.T.
    3. Medical treatment of Leiomyoma

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