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Hematemesis Or Vomiting Out Blood

  • July 3, 2010
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Hematemesis Or Vomiting Out Blood

Hematemesis or Vomiting of Blood

Hematemesis : Peptic ulcer

When blood is present in the vomitus it is called Hematemesis. The color may be red when profuse. Often Black to coffee ground color when less sever – acid degraded due to formation of acid-hematin.

It usually indicated Bleeding proximal to Ligament of Teitz.

It should be differentiated from Malena and Hematochezia which present as blood in stool.

Causes of Hematemesis

  • Peptic Ulcer 35-50%
  • Gastric erosion 10-20%
  • Esophagitis- 10%
  • Mallory-Weiss Tear 5%
  • Vascular Malformations 5%
  • Variceal bleeding 2-4%
  • Cancer of Stomach and esophagus 2%
  • Aorto-enteric fistula 1%


  1. IV access
  2. Initial Assessment- History, examination, Vitals, Comorbidities.
  3. Blood tests- CBC, KFT,bleeding profiles, Blood grouping and matching
  4. Resuscitation with Crystalloids, colloids or Blood transfusion
  5. Monitor Central Venous Pressure.
  6. Oxygen to all shocked patients
  7. Endoscopy followed by Electrocautery, Sclerotherapy  etc
  8. Visceral Angiography
  9. Drug therapy- PPI, H2 blockers, Somatostatin or Octreotide, Vasopressin
  10. Surgery
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  • A good remedy for treating this condition-raw potato juice x2. Excellent results has been obtained.

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