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A bright Possibility: USMLE journey of Dr Aparnaa Tiwari

I had recently finished my residency in the home country and was completely burnt out. I had planned to simply enjoy my job for a while without being too bothered about my future. I was enjoying my first job experience. But destiny had something else for me and I moved to the US. I visited […]

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260+ in USMLE Step 1 : A students experience

The article was shared on a forum in facebook by a doctor who appeared for step 1 USMLE. We liked the tips and shared it in our website for interested readers. Here is what it says. Syed Faiz Abbas, a medical student has shared his experience through a 260+ score in step 1 USMLE and […]

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MY USMLE STEP 1 SCORE 252 : Dr Harika’s experience

Firstly a big thanks to my family , friends and most importantly to this group for making my dream of 250s. Basically I am writing my experience for all those people who freak out just by getting low scores in NBMEs and decide their final performance solely based on NBME. Yes! NMBEs are highly predictive […]

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