Causative agents of meningitis
Basic Sc. Microbiology Presentations

Meningitis : Causative Agents and Lab diagnosis

Presentation on Etiological factors and Laboratory Diagnosis of Meningitis Objective 1: To list the important causative agents of meningitis. TYPES OF MENINGITIS Acute Pyogenic Meningitis Aseptic Meningitis Chronic Meningitis Tuberculous Fungal Syphillitic Protozoal Helminthe Causative agents of acute pyogenic meningitis • Neonates – Escherichia coli – Group B streptococci – Listeria monocytogenes – Streptococcus pneumoniae […]

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Gynae/Obstr Womens health

Puerperal pyrexia and its causes

Puerperal Pyrexia : Short Summary and Causes Peurperium Puerperium is a period following child birth during which body tissues especially the pelvic organs revert back approximately to pre-pregnant state both anatomically and physiologically. Normally, it lasts for 6 weeks after delivery. What is puerperal pyrexia? also called childbed fever, is a  rise of temperature reaching 100.4 degree […]

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