renal artery stenosis


Renal Artery Stenosis

Patient with RA stenosis presents with: A.Hypertension when it affects single kidney and as Renal failure when it affects bilateral kidneys. It is often a part of Atherosclerotic vascular disease. B. Deterioration of Renal function on ACE inhibitors: A drop in GFR ie .20% rise in serum creatinine levels when patient is on ACEI , […]

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Hypokalemia : Low potassium levels in Blood

Causes, effects, ┬ádiagnosis, prevention and treatment of hypokalemia Around 95% of the body’s K+ is found inside cells and remaining in the blood. It is essential for several body functions including nerve and muscle activity. It plays an important role in the repolarization of the cell membrane to a resting stage after an action potential […]

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