3 Fortuitous Medical Discoveries

Insulin Frederick Grant Banting and Professor John James Rickard MacLeod shared a Nobel Prize in 1923 for isolation and clinical use of insulin against diabetes in 1923 for isolation and clinical use of insulin against diabetes. In 1889, German physicians Joseph von Mering and Oscar Minkowski removed pancreas from a healthy dog in order to […]

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Antibiotic Resistance : The War Has Begun

War Fiction By Medchrome In 2012, war broke out. Soon the war was fought all over the world. This time the enemy were not human neither aliens. They were invisible , tiny but lethal. The war was between doctors and bacteria. Doctors used every weapon they had – antibiotics but the bacteria had become too […]

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Therapeutic Use of Enzymes

Enzymes are the extremely selective biocatalysts synthesized by living cells. Therapeutic enzymes are those enzymes which can be used medically either isolately or adjunctly with other therapies with the purpose of treatment of various diseases safely. Use of these enzymes as drugs for the treatment of medical problems forms the basis for “Therapeutic use of […]

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Penicillin anaphylaxis
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Penicillin Anaphylaxis : A Dreaded Drug Reaction

Penicillin or Beta lactam antibiotics are commonly associated with drug reactions which are immunologically mediated reactions. Why does penicillin anaphylaxis occur? The core structure Beta lactams consists of a reactive bicyclic B lactam ring that acts as a hapten by covalently binding to tissue carrier proteins. 95% of tissue bound penicillin is found to be […]

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Beta Lactam Antibiotics

BETA LACTAM ANTIBIOTICS: are the most popularly used antibiotics. They are  any antibiotic agent that contains a β-lactam chain in the molecular structure. Penicillin is the prototype drug and once was a cure for almost anything. Sir Alexander Fleming discovered Penicillin. It was a miracle discovery in history of Mankind. Mechanism of Action: –     […]

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