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MedchromeTube: Learning Medicine via Educational Videos

Interactive multimedia┬álearning┬áhas become a part of Medical education today. Medical education is constantly evolving and online learning is the best way to stay updated today. Watching educational videos can make differences: Things that are hard to understand can be learned watching animations.┬áThese provide an excellent way to remember. Videos can even include mnemonics. Things that […]

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Medical School Pathology for Self Learners

Pathology is an interesting subject but it is as difficult as any other subjects in medical science like anatomy, physiology, pharmacology, etc. We all are made differently and we all have different way of learning or studying. The method that I use to study may or may not be suitable to you. Lectures, books, pictures […]

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Gynae/Obstr Medical videos

Hysterosalpingography : Procedure and Video

Procedure, Indications and Hazards of Hysterosalphingography HSG is an operative procedure whereby a radiographic study of the interior of the uterotubal anatomy is made using a contrast media. Indications of HSG To note the tubal patency in case of Infertility or following the tubal operation To detect uterine malformation in the recurrent mid trimester abortion […]

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