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Hematemesis Or Vomiting Out Blood

Hematemesis or Vomiting of Blood When blood is present in the vomitus it is called Hematemesis. The color may be red when profuse. Often Black to coffee ground color when less sever – acid degraded due to formation of acid-hematin. It usually indicated Bleeding proximal to Ligament of Teitz. It should be differentiated from Malena […]

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Excessive vomiting in Pregnancy:Hyperemesis Gravidarum

Hyperemesis  gravidarum: Excessive vomiting of Pregnancy, Causes, clinical features, pathophysiological changes and management. • definition-(“from greek hyper and emesis and latin gravida; meaning “excessive vomiting of pregnant women”) . • it is a severe type of vomiting of pregnancy which has got a deleterious effect on the health of mother and incapacitates her in day to day activities. […]

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