A Short Summary on Blood Pressure

Definition: Lateral pressure exerted by the flowing blood on the wall of the vessels Blood Pressure Measurement: A) Methods: Direct: Cardiac catheter Indirect: Sphygmomanometer Factors influencing BP measurement: Increase BP: Caffeine, Tobacco smoking,¬†Exercise,¬†Emotional responses, Medications Decrease: Changes in posture, Medications B) Sphygmomanometer parts: Aneroid barometer or Mercury manometer Riva-rocci cuff: width must be atleast 40% […]

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Auscultatory gap in hypertension

Sometimes during manual blood pressure measurement by auscultatory method, after a few initial tapping sounds, no sound is heard for a variable duration and then the sounds are heard again. This period when no sound is heard is called as auscultatory gap. Korotkoff sounds: When the cuff pressure is great enough to close the artery […]

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