Congenital malformation

Medical Cases

Case Review : Antepartum Hemorrhage

CASE  REVIEW OF ANTEPARTUM  HAEMORRHAGE A 19 years female primi at 29 weeks period of gestation complained of heavy per vaginal bleeding for 3 hrs,clots were passed. However she did not  have lower abdominal pain. She had perceived good fetal movement. Her Antenatal check up was done at health post, she took Iron tablets regularly […]

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Anencephaly : A severe Birth defect

Anencephaly- Clinical features, pregnancy diagnosis, prevention and treatment.             Spina Bifida and anencephaly are most common Neural Tube Defect ( NTD) followed by encephalocele.  Anencephaly is a severe form of NTD, with 100% mortality. The baby is either born dead or is unfit for survival. Anencephaly is a congenital birth […]

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