Blood pressure


Invasive Vs. Non-Invasive Blood Pressure Monitoring

For people with high blood pressure, home blood pressure monitoring is an essential. Even the American Heart Association (AHA) recommends recording their blood pressure at home, as this does not only reveal a trend in one’s blood pressure levels but also helps their doctors to find out whether or not the treatments are working. Although […]

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A Short Summary on Blood Pressure

Definition: Lateral pressure exerted by the flowing blood on the wall of the vessels Blood Pressure Measurement: A) Methods: Direct: Cardiac catheter Indirect: Sphygmomanometer Factors influencing BP measurement: Increase BP: Caffeine, Tobacco smoking, Exercise, Emotional responses, Medications Decrease: Changes in posture, Medications B) Sphygmomanometer parts: Aneroid barometer or Mercury manometer Riva-rocci cuff: width must be atleast 40% […]

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