Acute coronary syndrome


Management of Patient with Acute Coronary Syndrome

A) Initial management: Person with prolonged cardiac pain: Deep, visceral, heavy, squeezing, crushing, typically radiating to arms, lower jaw, abdomen, back but above umbilicus Call 102, come to nearby hospital Duty doctor: suspect ACS Do 12 lead ECG (1st investigation to be done) B) Further management is based on ECG results: 1. No ST Elevation […]

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ECG changes in ACS

Acute Coronary Syndrome or ACS

Acute Coronary Syndrome (ACS) consists of spectrum of illness which includes: Unstable angina NSTEMI or Acute Non Q web MI Acute MI Conventionally ACS refers to UA and NSTEMI Pathophysiology: Plaque rupture → Platelet adhesion to expose collagen in coronary arteries → Activation of platelets → Platelet aggregation → thrombus formation → ACS Coronary spasm […]

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