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Myths vs Medicine – 5 shocking medical conditions

  • September 20, 2015
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Myths vs Medicine – 5 shocking medical conditions

Myths that have persisted in our society due to superstition and lack of information and knowledge.

1. Myth of Frog Baby- explanation :Anencephaly

A baby with small head, flattened temple , propped out eyes and ratio of body that resembles an amphibian ” Frog” because of small head is believed in rural areas and many part of even developed world to be a “Frog Baby”. On interviewing general people, they thought it was a product of crossing between a male frog and a human female. Its a myth that is broken by ” Anencephaly”, a condition in which there is failure of closure of rostral neuropore during development of fetal brain.

frog baby








2. Myth of Snake Baby- explanation: Collodion baby

Another Myth, is birth of Snake baby with scales over the body that peel off, and the cracking and the facial features gives a peculiar resemblance to a snake. But is infact a dermatological condition known as Collodion baby aka Lamellar Ichthyosis.

See any resemblance? That is why the myth has evolved.

Snake babycollodion baby







3. Myth of Mermaid baby- explanation- Sirinomelia

In this condition the legs of the person is joined to form a single fusiform apparatus that appears like a Mermaid fin. More than a confusion, its a term given to the condition because of resemblance. The medical terminology for the condition is Sirinomelia.

images (3)mermaid_syndrome








4. Myth of Vampires – explanation : Porphyria

Many articles are published over net to whether the so called vampires in the past were actually porphyria patients who get skin reactions in the Sun and have defect in hemoglobin synthesis. Many strong arguements have been presented in favor of Porphyria. The transformation causes a typical appearance of a Bat.

vampire porphyriaporphyria







5. Myth of Werewolf : Explanation : Hypertrichosis

Who waere once feared and believed to be Werewolves might have had a condition of hair over growth over face and body, a condition called Hypertrichosis.

werewolf syndromedownload (1)







More Myths coming up…

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  • How could anyone think these are actual creatures and not just birth defects… people amaze me sometimes! Although I have to admit, the collodion baby is pretty horrifying and non-human looking… but still

    • Actually, these cases are so rare and people in community try to match them with myth or creatures and that is where problems start.

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