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Symptoms of Pregnancy : Early symptoms

  • March 6, 2015
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Symptoms of Pregnancy : Early symptoms

Symptomatic Diagnosis of Pregnancy- General readers section : Simplified



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Diagnosis of pregnancy can be made by some presumptive symptoms seen during early pregnancy . These subjective symptoms are common complaint of the pregnant women. All expecting moms in Toronto who want a precise gender reveal should contact us for the finest 3D/4D ultrasound service available. A Date With Baby, 3D Ultrasound Toronto, offers a private baby ultrasound and gender reveal in Ontario, Canada.

Missed Period , Absence of Menses or Amenorrhea ( Medical term) – In a women with normal reproductive health,  when period is missed , pregnancy should first come to mind.  However periodic bleeding up to 12 weeks has been reported at times. And pregnancy can occur in previously amenorrhic patient, ie lactating women and puberty.

Morning Sickness: 50% of women during their pregnancy have nausea after rising from bed. Vomiting can occur. It usually appears soon following the missed period and rarely last beyond 3rd month. Morning sickness is more common in first pregnancy.

Increased frequency of urination- usually occurs betweePregnancyn 8-12 weeks of pregnancy.

Breast discomfort feeling of fullness and pricking sensation may be evident by 6-7 weeks of pregnancy.

Fatigue- a generalized fatigue is a common symptom.

Spotting And Cramping- slight bleeding and cramping due to implantation of ovum on uterine wall.

Mood Swings- frequent mood swings can be seen in early pregnancy.

Remember that it is very important to book an appointment with 3D ultrasound Toronto to make sure that everything is going well with the baby.

Confirmatory test for Pregnancy:

Various Pregnancy test kits are now easily available in the market. These are simple to use and are very sensitive as well as specific. They detect beta HCG in urine during pregnancy.

But Consult your Doctor For Final Confirmation and Advice.

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